BWV Transportation Recently?

Home in 23 days! (like I'm counting...)

We've shared busses with every Crescent Lake resort, with ONLY YC/BC or ONLY Swolphin...any recent liners know what the current bus sharing is for BWV? I just want to know what to expect for MK/AK trips. Expecting full sharing across all 5 resorts, but hoping for some pixie dust and a semi-dedicated bus. Thanks!

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I am interested in this too!!

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It was all 5, mostly, late May/early June. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, though!

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All 5 for clients there in late June. It really depends more on crowds at drop off and pick up locations more than anything. if the bus is full it wont stop at the other places and they will dispatch another one.

We are WDW bus people but that sharing can be a big drawback to staying in the EP area

thanks @pirategirl007 ! According to a few people on disboards, July buses were BWV/Swolphin only to AK/MK, and all 5 for DTD. I guess I'll find out on the 15th!