BWV Room Recommendations: I seriously need some help :)

2019 vacation for DH and me—it’s been two years since our last trip and we’ve upgraded to a standard one-bedroom at BWV for six nights the week before Thanksgiving.

O TP gurus: where should we request our room?? We would like a quick exit, ideally close to a pool exit.

Related question: are there multiple entrances to the villas, or does everyone have to go in through the main entrance? (I’m such a newbie, I know!) TIA for all the help!!

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There are multiple exits. We did use the main one for the bus stop. For the Boardwalk/Epcot we used another and for HS or the quiet pool we used another exit.

I have no clue what our room number was. I know we didn’t request a room. I think we’ve only ever requested once, when some of us had a campsite and some were in a Wilderness Home. Nope, mistaken, we requested rooms near each other at POR once.
We really enjoyed Boardwalk!

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The quickest exit is from the ground floor (1st floor). So, that can be the request. Or, closest to the elevator if you don’t mind being on an upper floor.

Thanks for the info!

Do you remember if there are multiple entrances though? For instance, sometimes at a hotel you can get out an exit, but not get back in that same way. Thanks so much for your help and insight—:slight_smile:

Oh yes. We could get back in. Might have had to use our room key. Or magic band or whatever we had at the time.

Definite step savers.

Edited: the hallways turn so much it takes a bit of investigation both inside and out to figure out which doors are the ones you want. I think we were on the second floor and used stairs almost the whole time.

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