BWV for 5 nights or SSR for 6 nights?

We have to use our banked 2019 DVC points by the end of July. For the same number of points we can do 5 (Su - Th) nights at BWV Standard View or 6 (either Sa - Th or Su - F…probably base that on airline prices) nights at SSR Standard the last week of July. What would you do?

We are a group of 8 (Me, DH, DS9, DS6, DD4, DD8mo, DMom, DAunt). We are flying from DFW, but will have a rental car.

BWV Pros:

  • walk to 2 parks
  • easy access to everything around Crescent Lake
  • I love the resort!

SSR Pros:

  • extra night
  • chance to try a new resort
  • proximity to Disney Springs so maybe I’ll finally try some of those restaurants that keep getting cut from our plans

I’m sure there are others for both resorts, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

Thanks for your thought and input!

Since you know about the time saved for walking to / from the two parks (or taking the boat,) I think I’d make a tentative plan of what you’d like to do, and in Epcot/Hollyweird, and that whole Epcot area, and see if the travel time makes a big impact. Time is definitely money in Wallyworld.

If hopping is back and you were a hopper like me, I might say BWV would get the edge.
If hopping is not feasible for what you’d like to do, then I’d look harder at Saratoga.

I hate to put this in the back of your mind, but…do a bunch of research on SSR. You’d hate to be thinking the whole time, “I wish I was at BW, this place sucks.”

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I’ve stayed in both (well a Treehouse) and I prefer Boardwalk for it’s theming and location but SSR is nice and maybe worth the extra night if you have a car. I wouldn’t stay there without one.

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You will book a two bedroom?

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I would always go for more time over location. More time is the best time :partying_face:

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We’ve done minimal hopping in the past…maybe once or twice per trip. And we don’t tend to do mid-day breaks. It’s hard to get all those little ones out the door again!

Sadly, I think I’m already going to have some “I wish…” thoughts in my head on this trip. Mostly “I wish things were like before Covid.”

I love the theming at Boardwalk! But, I’ve also been to Saratoga Springs (the real one) and may love the theming at SSR too.


Especially when you’re going through the hassle of flying with 4 small kids!!


I believe they have recently redone SSR rooms too so you’d get something a little fresher there. I think I’d choose this if I were you. I do like the horses and old timey feel of the rooms online. The treehouses of course were also cute. It is easy to catch the boat to DisneySprings so if that’s something you haven’t done before that is also a plus.


I looked at those, but I don’t like that there’s no king bed. I’m a lazy mom and refuse to get out of bed to nurse a child, so we need room for the little one too!

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We had my two year old nephew with us and I kept him one night so my brother and sister in law could rest before the marathon. We put him in the crib that came with the treehouse. It wasn’t a pack n play but it wasn’t a full size crib either though. He did wake up once in the middle of the night and I squeezed him between hubby and I and right back asleep he went. We were in the master bedroom. But I understand. I coslept with both my kiddos for the same reason. I much preferred middle of the night nursing in the bed in case I fell asleep as happened to me once in a rocking chair and I woke up with my son’s head dangling awkwardly over my leg and thank goodness he hadn’t fallen.

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I struggle with those BWV 2 bedroom lock offs. I think, with a car, I would go with a Paddock 2 bedroom (great pool close to DS).

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That’s a tough call. I understand now how valuable the Crescent Lake location can be, but with a car, that extra night at SSR (especially with a 2BR villa) might barely win out for me, as long as being away from home 6 nights vs 5 doesn’t create a new problem/inconvenience or force you into worse flights and if you’re fine with any additional park/food etc. expenses by being on property a little longer.

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All I can do is make the request for Paddock, right?

Obviously there is a little bit of added expense, but I’m ok with it. Mostly it will be the dog sitter for an extra night and then whatever food we need. I’m hoping APs will be back by then, but if not, adding a 7th day isn’t as bad as adding a 2nd day!! And the difference in flights, at the moment, is only 1k points per person. Considering my original trip was supposed to be a big blowout, all club level, all upcharge event extravaganza, this is nothing!

Yes, but with the refurb Paddock should be completely renovated by your trip and other standard rooms will be closed.

I will admit- I booked two studios in September at BW instead of a two bedroom. I just don’t care for them and I did not think it added enough space/sleeping area to justify the additional points. The 2 bedrooms can sleep 8, the two studios-10.

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Excellent news!

I suppose I could make my husband sleep separately.

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I am wrong- 9 and 10! It is 5/4 and 5/5

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Last week our 2 br in the Springs area was refurbed. So modern, yet still reminded us of Saratoga.

I didn’t take enough photos!


So now I’ve gone down this rabbit hole! I can spend fewer points and still get 6 nights at BRV, BCV, or BWV in 2 Studios.

Do you know if they all have 1 queen and 1 sleeper sofa? Do any have 2 queens?

BWV was a pullout couch in Oct in the Studio.

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I like this


Would you go with 2 BWV Studios vs. the 2 bedroom at SSR? My husband has said that he’s fine sleeping on the pullouts with one of the kids.