BWV and GFV Resale Price drops

I have been watching this since AKL resale and BWV resale are now about the same price:

BCV continues to hold steady/increase. Any theories why?

BCV is so small and Stormalong Bay is a huge draw, that I think it will continue to hold steady until much closer to it’s expiry date.

If I could I would love to own there.

In April 2019 BWV was around $139 a point and BCV was around $140. Now, BVC is higher ($146-148) and BWV is closer to $118. Although SB is great, HS seems to be more popular than EP these days? Also, the point chart allows you to stretch your points?

I think of GFV as the opposite- but similar drop. Those rooms cost so many points BUT the dues are great . Do you think Riviera is hurting GFV?

Honestly I don’t follow the pricing because I couldn’t buy more points anyway. I would dearly love to. My heart belongs at the BC.

Realistically I don’t know that either of my boys will be able to take the contract on. If I could I would give each of them a smaller one and pay the MFs for them for a few years. I don’t think that’s likely either. It’s one of those “if only” dreams. Maybe if the rental market holds it might be feasible.