BWI vs. WL for deluxe? June trip

Thoughts on BWI vs. WL for deluxe? Price difference small. It would be WL courtyard view vs. BWI standard view. June trip. EP, HS and AK one day each and MK 2 days.

I haven’t stayed at either, but have been to both - and would like to stay at both. It would be a real toss-up for me, but I think I would take the beauty of WL over the convenience to EP of BW - especially if I was traveling with DW. But if I was going solo (when I party a bit more) the proximity of the nightlife to BW may sway my decision.

Thanks @bswan26! I haven’t stayed at either or any other. This is our first trip. We are reserved at WL for courtyard view. Got a great deal with the summer discounts! I don’t know when we’ll get back for future so just trying to pick the best for all of us. I noticed that there are BWI standard rooms that with the discount would be only smidge more than current rate for WL! I’m sure we’ll love either this being our first trip! It will all be sooo exciting!
It will be me (female) and my Sister-in-Law who is traveling with me, and my two kids DD 12 and DS 7. So we aren’t looking for nightlife or clubs. Just family fun!
My main concerns would be room size and travel time to the parks. We will have our own car as we are driving down.
So just considering my options! Thanks!

Travel from WL to MK is quick and easy by boat. I’m pretty sure that WL has dedicated bus transportation to the parks, so that should be OK too. If you’re looking for a “fancy” meal while there, Artists Point is right there in WL, and it is excellent.

WL shares with FW and either GF/Poly (sometimes both) to parks other than MK. We have had terrible transportation there but maybe we were just unlucky. BW shares with Swan/Dolphin but you can walk to 2 parks. And rooms are larger.

Thanks @KeliJ. all of this information is so helpful! the Unofficial guide does say that proximity to Epcot is recommended. I guess more food options too within walking distance of BW. Room size is important and I see that BWI has 2 queens and a daybed which would be great as we were going to bring a twin blow up mattress for my DS age 7. He’s small so does fine on that bed as we travel with it often. But it would be nice to have the daybed and not have to worry about a blow up mattress!
Both rooms have mini fridges?

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Yes both have mini fridges. We have DDs 7 and 5 and the easy access to a variety of food options that you can reach by foot wins out for us.

I have stayed at both. It is funny, BW is not my favorite resort. I prefer WlL but would recommend BW. Honestly, I would see if YC was available. I enjoyed the boat to MK but it was the first resort I ever decided to take a cab back to the resort at night. The buses shared with GF while I was there. I did enjoy the QS at WL, and I have a bad back and the beds were good.

I would recommend BW just for the ability to walk to two parks. Also, since the resort it shares buses with is right next door, the buses are much better. Honestly, every time I check the cost of BW, it is the same as BC/YC, and I would always pick one of those.

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Much appreciated @PrincipalTinker. I would love YC or BC but no availability during my trip 6/22 through 6/29. Great info on the transportation issues thanks

Rooms at BWI should be larger. There are many more dining options at BWI, and it’s walking distance to two parks. But WL is better themed. Still, I’d choose BWI.

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I had the same dilemma for a May trip! Prices similar and both great hotels! I’ve stayed at WL before and liked it very much. Being so close and taking boat to MK was great!
But, decided to try something new and stay in Epcot area to be close to 2 parks instead of just 1. Ultimately chose a split stay with 2 nights at BWI, 3 nights at YC so we could try out 2 new hotels. Hoping the switch is seamless and doesn’t waste much time!
From what I can gather, all of these hotels have minor pros and cons, but are fantastic! Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be a great trip!

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Thanks @len and @kelgod09. I feel silly nit picking this decision and I’m sure both are wonderful. Leaning towards Boardwalk switch. Is it guaranteed you get 2 queens + daybed if you have party of 4? King bedroom would not work for us.
Location and transportation is super important because we may split up with me and DS going to rest while my DD and her aunt stay in park.
Appreciate your thoughts n

Disney doesn’t guarantee anything (except ADA, I believe), but if you ask for and book 2 queens, that’s almost certainly what you’d get. I wouldn’t worry about that.

Room 1314 seems to have a decent view as a Standard w/2 queens.

Don’t forget that we can fax those requests in to Disney for you.

When I checked into WL in December they told me they upgraded me. I went to the room and found a King bed. I just went down and told them I was with my DS22 and that did not work. No question, they moved me and I ended up with a water view.

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Thanks @len and @PrincipalTinker. Helpful info for sure. @len the room fax request is such a nice feature.