BWI Deluxe Club level balcony sizes, 3rd floor vs 4th floor?

I know there are 5 Deluxe Club level rooms on both the 3rd and 4th floors at the Boardwalk Inn. We stayed 4th floor last year, small balcony. I’ve read that the 3rd floor Deluxe rooms have bigger balconies but I also heard that at least one Deluxe room on the 3rd floor has a small balcony. Can anyone tell me which 3rd floor Deluxe Club level rooms have bigger balconies? I requested a certain 3rd floor room on my TP fax request but now I’m wondering what rooms on the 3rd floor have bigger balconies.

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If anyone has a definitive answer to this, I’d like to know, too!

I am staying in those exact same rooms as you are- I bet you read a post at that other forum :smile: where they were talking about this. That confused me, too. My take on that comment is that she thought it seemed small, not that it necessarily is one of the smaller balconies. Maybe the only way to know for sure is to message her.

I looked at all the images I could find of the boardwalk side of the BWI and compared them to the floor plans here on TP, and it seems to me that the balconies are all the same for those 3rd floor rooms. They’re just constructed differently from the fourth floor balconies. I guess I’m just going to specify 3rd floor and hope for the best.

It sounds like you’re going relatively soon- please post back here and let us know how you like it!

You’re correct! I was reading a post on the “other” forum. I did get confused with her reference to a small 3rd floor balcony because everything else I’ve read indicates that the third floor Deluxe rooms have bigger balconies then those on the 4th floor. Here’s to hoping someone on “this” forum will step up and share their Deluxe experiences at the Boardwalk Inn. We are leaving in 2 weeks, I’ll be glad to share what we end up with when we get back:).

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Just got back. Room 3257, Boardwalk Inn. Nice size balcony…much more comfy then the 4th floor we had last year. Gonna request 3rd floor rooms from now on.


I have questions after reading posts “elsewhere”, too! We currently have a standard club level room. We need one with 2 Queen beds and a day bed due to DS17 being ridiculously tall and needing his own bed. But now I am wondering about the Deluxe rooms. What is the bed situation in those? Can anyone give me an idea of the price difference if there happens to be availability? Thanks!

Thanks so much! We’ll definitely request a 3rd floor room. Although it would also be nice to be nearer to the lounge- so if we don’t get it I won’t be too sad. (Hard to be sad in a Deluxe room at the BWI, anyway! )
Thanks again for the follow-up.

Unfortunately, there is no difference in the sleeping accommodations- (Oops- I was wrong about that- see below- it’s a queen sleeper sofa, not a daybed) what you’re getting with a Deluxe is more square footage, an extra lounge chair, a balcony- and a guaranteed view of the Boardwalk and lake. We’ve experienced the standard rooms (standard club level rooms are the same as non-club rooms) and they were tight when the kids were smaller- now that they’re all full-grown I just can’t envision us in one, even though they sleep 5.

The price difference is steep- I think it’s over $200 more per night on top of the already-high club level rate. However, for us it still works out as otherwise we’d have to get two rooms. And the club level benefits for 5 adults pencils out, too- I hope they stock up in the lounge- as skinny as they are, those kids can still eat!

@Pod, I beg to differ. Based on Disney’s wording on their site, the Deluxe rooms are bigger and sleep 6, not 5, due to a queen sleeper sofa instead of a daybed.

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Yes, you are right! I forgot that sleeper is a queen, which is really silly since that’s the reason I wanted the room, too! Thanks for the correction.
I’ll edit my reply to @mtribuzio so as not to mislead.

I think I probably won’t go for the $200 more a night. But I may regret it with two teens in the standard room. We are a rope drop to park close kind of family so we aren’t in the room much. Thus we probably don’t need the balcony (but it looks heavenly!). The club level food on the other hand – we’re in the same boat. DS will eat the entire breakfast spread without taking a breath! Appreciate the info!

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I agree with you there. If we weren’t going to be in the room more, I’d pass. For our family of five, including the additional cost per person, the price is truly eye-watering. I’m praying feverishly for a discount- (if it’s coming, it should be soon). But we do take mid-day breaks and have late starts, and this time I also want more time just to appreciate the resort itself, which we’ve never really done.

And I also know how I am about hotel rooms. :wink: If I’m on a road trip, I don’t care where I land as long as it’s safe, quiet and doesn’t have bedbugs. But a destination resort is different. If I don’t like my hotel room, I’ll just complain and mope and be otherwise terribly disgruntled the whole trip. We were in NOLA this last April and I raised holy hell because of the construction during the day where we were- and they moved us to a fabulous room. (That hotel should have been half-empty, really poor customer care on the part of Marriott). But I guess a lot of people didn’t mind since they weren’t around. I minded- a lot!!

I hear ya. I’m the one in my family that actually cares about the room and other details of the vacation. Thus, I am the de facto trip planner extraordinaire.

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