Buzz & Woody Meet & Greet

I’m starting to work on our TPs for late August. In HS, I cannot add the Buzz & Woody meet and greet to the plan. This really tripped us up last time we went because by the time we got there after lunch the line was SO long. I’m wondering how long the line is in the morning. I’m thinking we’ll hustle to JTA sign ups, then hustle to wait in line for TSMM (planning to get a FPP for later in the day so we can ride twice?), then hit the M&G. Do you think we could do all that and be back for the 10:10 JTA? Or 11?

Any advice? Thanks.

Not sure about that particular meet and greet, but we really like the Woody/Jesse meet in Frontierland and the Buzz meet in Tomorrowland.

Of course if it’s important to meet the two together you have only the one choice

This m&g line is long all day. It will be 45 mins by time you ride tsmm. Remember for 10.10 JTA you need to be back at JTA by 9.40 for robes etc. The latest check on time is 30 mins before your show time.

We met Buzz & Woody at 9:15am and the wait was just a few minutes. Our initial plan was to ride TSMM after JTA sign up, but at 9:15 the TSMM line was already listed as 45 min. So we met Buzz & Woody instead!

Thank you! I didn’t realize we had to be back at JTA 30 minutes early. Should we get a FPP in the morning for TSMM? I know the older kids remember it and will be chomping at the bit to ride it.

maybe for ~10/10:30, so you save the beginning of the day for things without FP that will have long lines later? The first hour is good for any characters you want to meet. Also my boys loved playing the Star Wars video games in the Launch Bay. You can choose your JTA time, so you can save that for late morning/early afternoon, when the park is busiest.

In early May we were at HS 10 mins before it opened. Not at the front by any means. We had a FP for TSMM starting at 9:10 but I wanted to try and ride it twice in a row. When we got there the line for TSMM was outside of the building (just bottlenecking getting in). So we went over to Woody and Buzz. Waited for 5-10 minutes, saw Woody and Buzz. Came out and TSMM said 45 min so we got in line planning to leave line if going to go past our FP time frame. Only waited 34 minutes. Came out and then rode it again with FP. Worked out great, but was willing to be fexible.