Buzz & Woody meet & greet at HS info


Does anyone have experience with the Buzz & Woody meet & greet at HS? I was curious as to what time this meet & greet opens when there is a morning EMH at HS. My plan was to hit up Rockin’ Rollercoaster, then Tower of Terror and hopefully meet the toys before riding the Midway Mania with a 9:00am fast pass. Is this a realistic plan or is the meet & greet going to be an insanely long line by 8:45am? Any and all suggestions welcome, as well as ANY other tips on hitting all the HS meet & greets that are available.


I’m not sure if they are open at 8am, but looking at the schedule, it looks like they may be. We went at a 9am opening and rope dropped them. We were the first ones in line and Buzz and Woody walked us through the queue. The line tends to build quickly and can be 45 minutes or more.


Sorry I cannot help with the morning but we went and the lines were busy all day. Park was closing at 8:00 and we asked if it was OK to get in line to meet them at 7:50 and they said it was fine. So we ended up waiting probably 20 minutes, which was WAY better than any of the other times I’d seen all day. So that could be a strategy.


We went at 8:30 during EMHs, so they do start before normal park opening. The line then was about 15 minutes, which was significantly shorter than the rest of the day… The queue has some cute photo ops. Buzz doesn’t sign (big robot hands) but does a pretty animated stamping of his name.

Your plan might be a bit aggressive. We headed to RnRC to get a child swap and I took the kids straight from there to meet Buzz and Woody and we waited those 15 minutes. When we were done the line was already at 30 minutes, so I don’t know if you could get all three attractions done by 9.


I’m definitely agreeing with you on that one. I think were gonna shoot for TSMM first, then meet the Toys, then head to RnRC but we’re gonna hit the single rider line and I’m thinking we will get to the line around or a little before 9:00 but I doubt we will get on the actual ride by 9:00. I think I was definitely planning a little too agressively. I’ve arranged my day so far in such a way that I think we will end up with a nice 2 1/2 hour break where we will take a boat to Epcot and eat in UK by the gateway and then have a nice stroll back to HS thru Boardwalk.