Buzz Lightyear - Can I just sit back and relax?

At Disneyland Paris, I let my kids do the shooting and I really enjoyed just taking in the atmosphere. On a solo trip, will it affect the ride if I just sit and do nothing? I guess if I’m joining a vehicle as s single rider I should let my stranger-companions know that I won’t be playing.

There are only two seats in each ride vehicle. You go against yourself. There is no accumulation. I assume, as a single rider, you’ll just be by yourself, but possibly with one other person.

You don’t have to do the shooting, but, in my opinion, that’s the reason to go on the ride.

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You’ll be by yourself if you’re a single rider. They haven’t historically paired up odd numbers. You can catch a glimpse of it from the people mover if you don’t want to ride the whole ride.

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There is a stick that controls the direction of the vehicle. I assume the person “playing” would get the rights to direct the vehicle in which case I can’t see anything else being a problem with pairing up. If it’s just you in the vehicle, no problems at all.

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You have to shoot all the targets, or else Zurg will win! It’s important.

But seriously, if you don’t shoot, you can control what direction you face with the joystick and just take in the psychedelic surroundings.