Buying Undercover Tourist Tickets for an earlier date

My family is planning to go to UOR from Jan 29-31. If we buy tickets valid starting Jan 29, they cost $331 per ticket. But if we get tickets valid starting Jan 25-31, they cost 308 per ticket. Has anyone successfully purchased tickets for dates that started earlier than their trips?

Yes this works. Just did this for September trip with UO tickets purchased from Undercover Tourist. Also did it with my Disney tickets…I just double (triple) checked that the end date of the tickets encompassed the dates that I actually wanted to use the tickets. I think for each of ours, the cheapest rate starting date for the tickets was only one day earlier than we were planning to use them


Thanks for sharing your experience. This will be a trip with 8 people total, so saving any money we can will be nice.

I bought mine from Sam’s Club with the same kind of date range and it was fine. As long as you will use all your days before it expires then it doesn’t matter at all which of the dates in that range you start with.