Buying UK Disney World Tickets being a non UK resident


We are planning to visit for the first time Walt Disney World in August and I’m now looking for the best options on tickets.

I’m from Portugal but found that the UK Disney World website sell a very interesting ticket called 7-Day Ultimate (Ticket Hooper Plus, Toy Story Magic Band and Memory Maker) for £1480 (around €1700).

Being from Portugal can I buy these tickets or are they only for UK resident only?

Will I have problem at the gate and being asked to show documents stating I’m from the UK?

Thanks for all the help you can give me.

I think if they will sell it to you, you’ll be fine. The questions is whether the U.K. site will sell it to someone who’s IP address is not U.K. based. But there again, I think they sell to Ireland…

I would try and see if you can get to the checkout page.

I’m confused as to the cost you quote. How many is that for?

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2 adults 2 kids maybe?

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I’ve heard of Canadians being able to get these tickets, but don’t take my word on it. I don’t think you need to show any ID to use them.


Of course you can!
I’m French🇲🇫 ( no one is perfect😉) and I bought my package on the Irish disney holidays website without problem. Offers are the same as the UK website but prices are in euros. This is totaly legal. As a European, you can buy on “whatever you want” european website. And IE disneyholidays website offers good deals.
PS: sorry but I do’nt write english very well…as you see…


I thought from previous discussions that the “uk” ticket is actually a European ticket? Not certain tho.

I know we looked into the possibility of buying a New Zealand based ticket for DLR as we were staying in NZ prior to visiting & the Ozzie/NZ ticket rate is way less for DLR than we get from uk. Sadly for that you had to have an NZ passport. Think Canadians have to prove residency also.

Have never been asked to show uk id with a uk ticket, however.

I can get to the point of buying the ticket and insert my credit card. In the credit card address there is a drop down for the country and it list all European countries.

We are 2 adults and 2 kids, one of them paying adult for the tickets

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Did you already use your ticket? Any problems?

I have bought a package (not a ticket only) for february on the IE disneyholidays website without problem. I received a letter from Disney World last week. My reservation, tickets for the luggages and a little book about DW were inside. I’m part of a french fan website called central plaza and you can found lot of people who use the IE site for their holidays in tbe forum of this website. The free dining plan offer, beginning every march or April is very interessant with free MM, 14 days parkhopper pass for the price of a 7 days…

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My trip begin in less than 2 weeks. I have got my trip on my MDE, have booked adr, fastpass…no problem. I am really zen with that.
If you want to be sure, you can phone to the IE booking central. They are very efficient and helpfull… even with me who speaks english not very well.

I am from Germany and booked there with no problems. Only thing to have in mind is the Brexit and that they could cancel your order after that. But you also could use the Irish page. Same ticket, more or less same price.

Thanks you all for your replies.

I noticed a lot of you bought the tickets with the UK or IE offer without problems, but any of you already use it?

Absolutely correct. The tickets are heavily marketed as “UK tickets” in the UK, but there are actually no restrictions on them - you can use one no matter where you are resident. The various European Disney sites will direct you to these tickets by default if you look for park media. :slight_smile:

When I go to hotel bookings at Disney, I get reroutes to a general European site with prices in €. If I use a VPN, I can choose the US or UK site.

I have the option to Select UK, IE and EU without VPN so I’m able to get all the offers.

The US also but it’s mpre complicated to arrive to the world wide country selector

Hmmm, I see that now. Back in Sept when I booked, I had to use a VPN to check out the UK rates. Thanks. Glad I looked again.

I’m curious - why do you think they could cancel your order after Brexit…?

Oh they posted something about that.

Oh I see - they are referring to a package, so they are trying to cover themselves in the eventuality that flights are disrupted. I thought you meant this was in relation to providing tickets, which didn’t make any sense. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

Thanks you all for your help.

Meanwhile I had a look at the offer in the US website and I will choose instead the package with Hotel and Tickets that offer the Dining Plan. From my calculation for a 7 days visit this will be the less expensive option.