Buying Tickets

I used the touringplans ticket calculator and it recommended 8 day tickets for adults even though we are only there for 7 days, I am guessing that was a better deal through someone. We hope to hit a water park and disney quest, but it appeared to just recommend park hopper, not the one that included “more.” Does that mean it is cheaper to pay OOP for those things instead of buying tickets that include those activities?

I tried to put this under WDW, but it ends up here?

Probably that is what it means. Can anyone with expert ticket knowledge help @kelly_kneebone?

First thing first, you can move any topic you have created. First click on the pencil next to the title:

Next, find where you want to put it from the drop down menu

Also, is this what you are seeing?

Yes, this is similar to what I saw, but it says w/Park Hop option with no mention of the Plus waterpark/disney quest stuff. What does the w/8 additional parks mean?

I believe that those additional parks are the water parks. You get one water park entrance for each day? I hope someone can confirm this!