Buying tickets online from UOR

When I select a ticket, it says I will need to pick it up at the front gate. Do I also receive an e-ticket as well? If not, I’ll purchase from a 3rd party vendor.

These are my only options when I have an Express Pass & a park ticket in my cart.

It sounds like what we had on our last trip. They emailed us a code with instructions on how to enter the info at the kiosk outside the front gates. It was pretty quick and painless.

Okay. I was totally thrown. Are the kiosks open before the park?

Yes. We got there about an hour before rope drop, parked, went through security and headed to the front gates. The kiosks are in that area and you can use them right away. I was a little nervous about it as well. We were coming from Canada and I had no idea what we would do if it didn’t work but there were no problems. I did print out the email so that I would have something on paper to show if I had trouble.

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Thank you so much for your response! That makes me feel so much better!