Buying tickets from Undercover Tourist

Thinking of buying tickets for the first time from Undercover Tourist to save some money. Can someone who has previously used them let me know how it works. Can I add these tickets to my disney world account once I have received them? Will I be able to do my 60 day fpp+ selections? Do I have to do anything at the first park with them to activate them? Thanks.

I haven’t bought tickets from Undercover Tourist but…
1 - Once you receive the tickets in the mail you can add them to your My Disney Experience account.
2 - You can make your FP+ reservations at 60 days IF you have an onsite room reservation otherwise you can make FP+ reservations at 30 days.
3 - You do not need to do anything to activate them.

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I also have a question and haven’t received a clear answer before.
Let’s say I buy a 5-day PH from UT for $366 (costs $387 from Disney), then want to upgrade to a 7-day, which is $392 from UT ($408.96 from Disney).
Do I now have to pay
a) $408.96-$366=$42.96 for the upgrade, or
b) $408.96-$387=$21.96?
(PS Is it the same as AP: If you haven’t used the ticket yet, it would be $42.96, if you HAVE used it for at least one day BUT you still have at least one day left on ticket it would be $21.96? ALSO, can you upgrade at hotel or does it have to be at guest services?)

Also, we bought UT last year, no issues at all. Fast, helpful.

Answer B as long as you have used 1 day on the ticket and have at least one day remaining. You may be able to get concierge services to do the upgrade. I think I have seen a couple people post being able to do that instead of going to Guest Services. Note on the upgrade, make sure you know the $ amount you should be paying as the CMs sometimes mess this up and will charge you the higher upgrade.

I can’t help with upgrading, but I bought UT tickets last year. It was simple to add to MDE – believe I was able to just scan a barcode on the ticket. Where we were staying (BLT), we didn’t have MBs yet, so we did exchange the paper UT tickets for the plastic ticket in MK so it was easier to get into the parks. But I would imagine with MBs now, you’ll just get that in the mail and be good to go.

One warning with buying fewer days and upgrading when you get there. That is what we have done and frankly, I wish we had not. Since I purchased 4 day tix I am only able to make FPP reservations for 4 days instead of 7 or 8 that I need. I know it will all work out fine but I feel like I have far less flexibility. I am upgrading as soon as we enter our first park and then will make all of our remaining FPP then.

Hmm, thanks all. Another question: If I buy tickets BEFORE I go and change my mind, can I upgrade on MDE (for higher upgrade price, of course)? Also, anybody have the mousesavers code for UT handy?

You cannot upgrade tickets on MDE. You would need to do it at Guest Services at a park or DTD or possibly at concierge services at one of the resorts.

I bought from them and recommend them. You just need to make sure you buy for all the days you need in advance.

Mousesavers has requested that we not share the link for UT. It can be found on their newsletter if you are a subscriber.

Plus the Mousesavers newsletter has lots of other good info too.

As for upgrading, I don’t think WDW has a way to tell how much you paid if you purchased from a 3rd party. UT does not answer the question in their FAQ, but they do list a customer service contact on their site.

Hi, I’ve used UT before. Been a few years, had a TA last trip. Their customer service was good, prices were great, and we got them when promised. This was all before the magicband stuff, so not how that would work out. HTH Ruth

If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest tickets, our Least Expensive Ticket Calculator will help find them. We get prices from all of the big 3rd party vendors every night, plus Disney.


@Lentesta, that is great information. Do you have a similar calculator for Universal Tickets?

Hi, I’m planning our first trip to Disney (I’m late to the game, we leave in 10 days). We are staying off property. Based on what I’ve read, we need MagicBands? But if I buy tickets from Undercouver Tourist, how do I get MagicBands? Its possible someone already asked this and if so I apologize - I’m not familiar with all the abbreviations!

@jgwesthoff - when I bought from UT for our trip last October it was before I could get MBs. But I entered the code for the UT tickets on our MDE account, so they were in there.

Think as long as you link them far enough in advance they should send you the bands. But someone here probably has more recent experience.

@jgwesthoff, If you’re staying offsite you don’t get magicbands. You can purchase them when you get there

Right, you don’t automatically receive MagicBands if you’re not staying onsite. We did not stay onsite, and bought them when we got there, but tip: buy them right at the park entrance when you first go in. Something else to note: you do not need MagicBands, since they work exactly as the tickets do. It might be a good way to keep a “ticket” on your child, but it’s not totally necessary. We got one for daughter, but I didn’t buy one for myself, and there was no difference between using her MB and my ticket on a lanyard for FP. They are $12.95 each (in Oct 2014).

If you buy from undercover tourist can they send you a code to link prior to receiving the paper ticket via usps. I would prefer not to pay the shipping but might need the tickets sooner than they arrive.