Buying tickets for 2022 trip...when?

Okay, folks. My wife and I plan to be in WDW in early December of 2022. We don’t have our accommodations booked yet, obviously…too soon. But we are fairly confident in our dates.

Anyhow…I was getting to think about tickets and pricing, and wondered if it would be best to buy the tickets sooner rather than later (knowing we can apply the value of the tickets if we have to change our plans). Mostly, I’m worried about Disney deciding to have another ticket price increase between now and, say, February.

And…let’s say I go ahead and buy the tickets and link them to my account. (I traditionally buy through UT.) How difficult is the process of changing the dates on already-purchased tickets? Is it just a phone call? (And…okay, “just a phone call” isn’t anything to sneeze at these days, with multiple-hour waits.) Or can you do it from within MDE itself?

I bought my tickets for a planned Feb 2022 trip back in June. In August I changed them to an April trip via MDE.

Given that they have raised prices in the past in Oct/Nov and Jan/Feb I would do it if you’re pretty sure you’ll be going.

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I did something similar. Bought tickets from the discounter TP recommended. Linked the tickets. Later changed the dates by a week. I was able to change it online.

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Okay. That’s good to know. Makes it easy enough.

Did either of you have to pay anything extra due to your date changes?

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No extra fee. In my case the dates I was moving it to were slightly less expensive. So I ended up with h a $0.00 difference. If I had moved to more expensive days it would have charged me the difference. Typical Disney.

Although I think that may have helped me with Genie+ because it’s showing as less than $15 a day, I’m wondering if it’s somehow applying the difference.

I went to slightly more expensive dates, so they just charged me the difference.

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Awesome. Thanks!

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You got me thinking, we are going April 2023. Is it possible to buy tickets now?

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I don’t think so. I think tickets are only available through 2022 right now.

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Technically you can. They are use anytime tickets and are really expensive.

Yeah…not really the best way to save money. :slight_smile:


Considering the new announcement about Disneyland raising ticket prices, I decided to just go ahead and buy the tickets now for our Dec. 2022 trip to WDW. I think if WDW does a similar ticket price increase soon, it should save me $50+.


Do WDW price increases historically follow Disneyland ticket increases?

There is no absolute set pattern. But November and February and are common times for them to raise ticket prices. If they are announcing price increase at DL, I can only imagine it is a matter of time (soon) when pricing changes will be announced for WDW. Of course, perhaps NOTHING will happen…but I’d rather just bite the bullet and avoiding paying more by waiting when we already know when we plan to go.


Just noticed that BJ’s is selling Disney Gift Cards at 6% off face value for Black Friday Promo, 11/16-11/29.