Buying Tickets direct vs TA

Found tickets at GetAwayToday to be the cheapest so far, has anyone found a better deal?

Have you checked the link to Undercover Tourist from the Mousesavers newsletter? They are having a great special right now.

I signed up for the email but haven’t received anything yet.

If you want to message me your email I will forward you the latest one with the link.

Could I please get that link too? I’ll PM you

Thanks! I got it.

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@BeckyTemp13 - Sent it in PM!

Got it. Thank you!

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If you have a costco member ship, they might be cheaper than getawaytoday. I just booked there and my trip was about $600 less than booking directly through disney. ($225 of that is a disney gift card.) It was about the same price as Getaway today but I was able to purchase tickets with maxpass for the same price as the getaway today package without maxpass. And I have the gift card, so essentially my package at Costco was $475 better than at getawaytoday.
(A costco membership is only $60, so it might be worth a membership??)