Buying tickets at discount places?

If we are staying at Universal but buy our tickets elsewhere do we still get early admission?
Thank you.

Yes you do. We usually buy our tickets from Undercover Tourist and have never had an issue.

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I agree with @Wahoohokie. We have also used Undercover Tourist and never had any problems.

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Thank you for your help. I actually found on ebates is pretty good and gives a decent cash back.

Does anyone know if you can add EP to discounted tickets bought through third party?

I believe so, as the express pass is an extra piece of paper to cart around (they use your room key for the included express passes with deluxe rooms at Uni). I would probably call Universal just to make sure.

You can buy EP onsite at any time, regardless of where you got your original ticket. I would suggest waiting until you get there to see if it is needed.

Thanks so much. I will give them a call just to make sure.