Buying resale DVC contracts direct from Disney

I’m looking into buying a resale DVC contract direct through Disney. I have found very few websites that talk about buying resale direct from Disney. It’s like they don’t want it advertised. I even called the DVC line to talk to them about it and the operator said she would need to know which resort I wanted to buy because I’d have to be put on a waiting list. That was all the information she could share. I’d like to see a list of prices. Does that exist? Also, I read that if you’re on vacation while you buy DVC, they’ve been known to apply the cost of your room to your DVC purchase (so you basically get your room that week free). Is that true? I know I have a ton of questions, but I’m sure someone out there can help me out! Thank you!

This is the list from January? I believe Copper Creek is now $210 a point. They may say there is a wait list but my experience was my guide called me back in 30 minutes with what I wanted. It is not called resale when you buy from Disney, it is a direct purchase.


There is no ‘resale’ through Disney. When Disney buys back points through their ROFR process, Disney magically makes them ‘new’ again! :slightly_smiling_face: You can buy these points at the then-current DVC direct prices.


Thank you so much for the reply. Good to know! I especially appreciate that list! That gives me great info!

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I’m interested to know where you read that. I’ve never seen anything suggesting that to happen. We bought while we were there on vacation (we have to, as we’re from the U.K.) and it wasn’t offered - I’ll be really annoyed if I find out that was the case!

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I’ve heard of loads of different incentives to tour and to buy, but never this one. Perhaps OP is thinking of the one that comes up from time to time where you can get a free week when you purchase a certain number of points? Or, there was a thing maybe a year ago when they were pushing CC that they offered you a free stay if you toured and bought or something like that. I received that offer in the mail and would have loved to have made the dates work but just couldn’t.

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Yes, that’s true. There have sometimes been offers like that from time to time. Usually a few days or a week at SSR I think.

And also they will help you book a stay in the first six months if thee isn’t availability via the usual booking process.

All of this applies only to direct buyers of course!

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I can’t remember where I read it. It was either on a forum board or on facebook. I didn’t trust that info because I had never heard or read that from anyone else. That is why I asked about it here. I figured someone else would have experience with that if it was, in fact, true.

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I seem to remember reading about that a very long time ago. There may be other companies that do that? At least they might tell you they are waiving some fee?

Updated recent resale and current direct prices: