Buying MNSSHP Tickets

We are considering going Sept 14. Would we be ok if we didn't buy tickets until party day? I'd be bummed if it rained and we spent $250 and got no fireworks or parade.

I think that's a great idea. Sleeping in and spending an afternoon by the pool would be a nice start on party day.

Oh wait. I totally misunderstood you. I was thinking you were saying you didn't want a park ticket on the day you had party tickets. Sorry. I have no idea if party tickets sell out. That might be a risk with waiting.

Check out this blog post showing when last years dates sold out.

Based on that, I would THINK you would be OK waiting, but it is of course still a gamble. I would say the odds would be in your favor though.

FWIW . . . One February, I bought tickets weeks ahead for the now-extinct Pirate and Princess Party. Our kids (9, 7, 5) had awesome costumes, and we were all super excited to attend. Well, it started pouring rain as we arrive at MK--spent the first 45 minutes of the party huddled under the bus stop. Once we got in, it continued to rain (heavily) off and on. We spent the first half of the party dashing around Tomorrowland from one indoor attraction to the next. We waited out a tornado watch at Space Mountain. Enjoyed the indoor dance party, and (from afar) caught the tail end of the parade that randomly started between showers.

We eventually dashed over to the other side of the park to enjoy the other lands and meet a few characters. There were no lines for anything, anywhere. Heck, there were hardly any people. smile

The highlight of the night was the fireworks. They were amazing and still the best we've seen at DW, so I'm glad that didn't get rained out.

At 11:00 pm we ended up racing back to the bus stop in the pouring rain and some pretty severe lightning. It finally stopped raining as I carried our konked-out 5-year-old from the bus stop to our room.

All of this to say----IT WAS SO WORTH IT! Yes, it was expensive (you're planning to spend that money on a party anyway, right?), and no, we didn't get to do all the outdoor rides we wanted to, but WE HAVE WONDERFUL MEMORIES of that event. They're not exactly the memories we thought we'd have smile but they make me smile every time I think of that night.

If I had to do it over again and had known the forecast, yeah, I probably would have booked another night. But just know, that if you want to be assured of tickets and do book ahead, and something goes awry, you can still have a really great time.


@MissiMouse if you go on the 14th I'll be there too! I'll keep my eyes open for your liner button. I plan on wearing a Red Sox shirt and cap my nod to a costume

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