Buying Magic Bands ahead of trip

DH & I have Magic Bands already from a trip in Dec… but kids do not… and we are staying off-site so won’t receive new ones. Is there any real advantage to me ordering them each their own off Disney store website ahead of time? Or can I just wait until they are in the park the first day and pick their own w/ character, etc? Also, how much do those “fancier” ones run? (I may not give them the option if they are significantly more expensive! Ha!) Didn’t know if having them ahead of time would save me any time linking/activitating them myself rather than wait in a guest services line in the park!

There is no advantage to ordering them in advance. If they would be happier with a special one available in the parks, then there’s no reason to not do that. Now you are also able to purchase them and link later, so you can bypass that part in the store if you want to link it yourself after the purchase. I think they’re $20-22 each for the fancy design ones?

Great! Thanks! Assuming they are all over like Downtown Disney, etc. so maybe we can go choose some the first night before we are actually in the parks and link them back at the hotel!

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They are available at Downtown Disney. My daughter and I did that last time and stayed off-site. The store was able to link our tickets and Memory Maker right there so we were all set the next day at the parks. The fancy ones are not that much more $$ and if you buy the solid color ones then they might ask for the little decorations which make them just as much if not more than the fancy ones.

Sounds like a good plan! Thanks!