Buying healthy snacks onsite vs. ordering groceries

Can anyone give me a general idea of what you can buy onsite, and how prices compare to garden grocer? I’m planning to order perishables like fruit, pre-cut veggies, and milk along with snacks like granola bars, but the GG prices are more inflated than I expected. We use grocery delivery at home so I’m used to convenience pricing, but GG takes it to a new level. How bad are prices at the markets at the resorts? I’m starting to think we’d be better off packing non-perishables in our suitcases and buying fresh food as we need it.

That said, I’m definitely not willing to spend part of my vacation in a grocery store. If delivery is the only way to have fresh snack and breakfast items in our room please tell me so.

We’re staying at CBR, if it makes a difference.

Just my thoughts…

We haven’t stayed at CBR, but the little markets/quick services are basically the same at all the resorts. You can definitely get milk. They typically have some refrigerated, prepacked fruits too.

GG prices are definitely inflated and I’d never trust anyone to pick out fresh produce for me. So, that being said, I think your idea of packing non perishables, as long as they don’t add too much weight to your bags, is a good idea.

To maximize GG, you need to place your order as early as possible to enjoy a bit of a discount. I think it’s several months out. And then you have to place a minimum order.

I know some love the service. I have used it and just chalk up the inflated prices as a convenience fee.

I have used GG at least three times. But we stay in a DVC Villa with a full kitchen. So the savings on just one home cooked dinner, more than makes up for the inflated prices. GG is fine for produce . You can even state ripe or green-turning when ordering bananas. I think the order min is $40 You could easily reach that in the onsite convenience store.
There is one… Google “calypso trading post”. There are actually photos and You tube videos of their merchandise. They have packaged food but I wouldn’t count on produce. Good Luck ! And have a wonderful Trip !

I have used them in the past. I have high standards in my produce. I was assures if i was dissatisfied with the wuality if the oroduce they will get me different produce. I had no issues with what i was brought. It was great. I will gladly go again if I am without a car. They had better produce then the close and equally expensive supermarket of goodings.

As to fruit prices use this as a guide if disney pricrs

I also think you will get more variety on snacks if you were to order feom garden grocer.

Thank you! I will check YouTube, that’s a great suggestion. And thanks for the menu link, too.