Buying groceries even with dining plan?

We have a dining plan for our upcoming WDW vacation (We’ll be there for 10 full days). But, we are considering doing a grocery order from Garden Grocer (We won’t have a vehicle) because we think we’ll need to order bottled water, fruit and breakfast supplies. We plan to just have a quick breakfast in our room. In all your experience, have you found yourselves needing these, even with the dining plan?

I don’t think the added fees are worth it to buy those things because you can get bottled water, donuts, fruit, bread, etc in the resort a lot cheaper.

We have done it in the past, but won’t do it again. Water can be bought by the case in the resort. Fruit you can take from a buffet, or get as a dessert.

What we did do was bring cold cereal/bowls/spoons for the kids to eat in the AM. We bought milk there, and though it was expensive, not totally outrageous. Added bonus, the spacein your suitcase is available going home for souvenirs!

We are going later this month and are on the dining plan and also getting a delivery. This is our first rodeo so I can’t speak from experience.
My husband and I and two kids (DS4 and DD2) are staying in a studio at BLT and plan to have cereal/yogurt for breakfast in the room. We have a small garden grocer order for milk and other snack/perishables. Oh, got a small case of beer and a bottle of wine too! We also have an amazon pantry order (prime/free delivery) but that’s mostly because we didn’t want to pack diapers, wipes, etc in our suitcase.
Since my youngest isn’t on the DP, I justified getting a delivery so that I can make snacks, PB&J, etc to make sure both of my kids end up with something they will like to eat at each meal and not have to spend much, if anything, outside of the DP.

I should also add that we aren’t going right home after our disney stay - we are driving to the beach and staying with my parents for a week so no leftover groceries will go to waste!

It might be more cost effective to bring breakfast supplies and purchase milk & water at the resort.
It’s just the fruit… We are big fruit eaters and are concerned there won’t be enough. Restaurants are usually lacking in fruits & veggies in their meals. Do you find there is plenty of fruit (or fruit salads) offered at WDW restaurants?

Breakfast in the room is always a good idea. It saves time and money, even if you’re on the dining plan.

I don’t typically use the dining plan, but do typically bring cereal bars for breakfast, then I’ll buy bananas and orange juice for breakfast and apples for snacks during the day.

When I recently traveled with friends (who were on the dining plan and had their 5 year old daughter with them), they also wanted milk (they brought cereal in their luggage), juice, yogurt, and doughnuts for the room.

That’s exactly what we did and I thought it was worth it for convenience. The only thing I would do differently next time is order less - especially snack type foods. On the DDP we had plenty of snacks and left over desserts :slight_smile:

Did you mean that you ordered groceries from Garden Grocer or that you brought breakfast foods (cereal, granola bars, etc) from home?
We’re beginning to think it’s not worth the min. $40 grocery order & delivery fee for cereal, fruit milk & water…

Sorry - ordered from garden grocer. We got water, juice, milk, almond milk (allergy issue), fruit, breakfast items and snacks for in backpacks. How I made the decision was going ahead and creating an account and saving items on garden grocers site - that helped me know that I’d easily hit the $40 so then that didn’t worry me anymore as a constraint. But if I had to add to get to $40 I might not do it.

If you don’t order, another option that worked well for us one morning was sending an adult to get a couple adult CS breakfasts and bringing to the room to share.

There was fruit (bananas, grapes and apples) for snack credits various places but not everywhere. Apples and grapes and yogurt were a side option with all the kids meals at AOA - so we did end up with several of those back in our fridge.

Thanks for the clarification. Maybe we should try a sample order, too, just to see if we hit $40. Then it might be worth it. Good idea!

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Sorry to hijack this post but does anyone know if resorts sell OJ in half gallon or something bigger than an individual serving? My toddler doesn’t drink milk in the mornings (allergy) and since I’ll be ordering from Amazon Pantry, I don’t want to place an order off GG just for OJ. Or should I just order everything from GG?

I’d price out GG - I was planning to do Amazon but once I create a sample order with GG with my cold items it actually was cheaper and more inclusive than Amazon. I’m sure it could be the opposite, but worth a try.

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We’ve ordered from GG several times and I’ve always been pleased with the products, convenience, and service. We’ve come in with ME, so no car. My order has always been waiting on our arrival. I typically order juice, a case of diet Pepsi, yogurt, milk, multi pack cereal, and donuts. We’ve always been on the DDP so eating breakfast in our room was both a time and money saver. I think it is absolutely worth it.

I noticed it was posted that water can be bought in the resorts. Can you buy cases of water in every resort? I will be staying in POP. Can you buy half gallons of milk? Or, can you only buy single bottles of milk and water? Thanks for the info

When we fly, we use GG even with the dining plan, for breakfast items and snacks mostly. We’ve had great luck with GG and will use them this trip even though we are driving. On vacation, having things easy is more important that saving a dollar here and there, IMO. The prices were fine, and I appreciated the service, especially with the picky brood I feed (myself included!) lol

You can use staples or amazon to ship water to your resort. I know there have been threads about that before.

You can buy milk at the resorts - or at least you could at POR. I think it was 1/2 gallon size, but it may ahve been gallon. In any case it fit OK in the refrigerator.

We have never done the dining plan before, so we are debating a similar question. On past trips, it has worked really well for us to pack cereal and other snacks, then order shelf-stable organic milk and two cases of water from Staples. I am just wondering if that will be overkill with the dining plan.

Also, in case anyone finds it useful, we bought these really cool bags on amazon that make packing a bottle of wine very safe. We brought a bottle of prosecco that way last time to save money. Yes, there is plenty of booze for sale at WDW, but it was nice to have a $10 bottle with us.

The two trips ago we bought a case of water — and only used about half of it. We just got water from the CS and went on our way. Last trip we brought refillable water bottles and used them about half the time - again just getting water from CS (which is free in case you didn’t know it). This trip I’m not even bothering bringing water bottles.

Milk on the other hand was a different story, as my kids are big milk drinkers. We also packed cereal for in room breakfast and saved our meal plan for later in the day, with the exception of one pre-RD CRT. We packed some snacks, but tried to limit it ( so I wouldn’t end up carrying it all around :smile: )