Buying 5 day tix, only going for 3 days, FP strategy? Will this work?

Ok, so this popped in my head and curious on people’s thoughts if this would work?
We want to visit Disney Oct 2021, by then I’m pretty sure ROTR will be on FP’s. If we couldn’t ride this, my kids lives would be ruined. :rofl:
We only really want to go for 3 or 4 days, but I would think if ROTR is on FP’s, it will be similar to FoP where you don’t have a chance of getting a FP unless it’s 60+5 or longer.

Since the price for a 4 day or 5 day date-based ticket is like a $16 difference (thru my discounted work benefit vendor), I wondering if we bought 5 day tix, with the intent that we’re only going to the parks for say, 3 days, and indicated our ticket start date as earlier than we really are going, would that work?
For example, our HS day in reality would be 60+3, but on the datebased ticket, it would be 60+5.

Does that make sense? Thoughts or will this totally not work? Running all these $numbers is making my head spin!

Your FP day goes from the date of your resort stay, not the start date of your tickets. The 60 day FP perk is tied to resort reservations.


Your 60 day window starts from the beginning of your hotel reservation, not your ticket date. If your’e staying on Disney property to get the 60 day FP window, you can try modifying your reservation between the 60 day and 30 day date, but that does not always work for keeping your FPPs intact (and you may as well only buy the 3 day ticket anyways).

If you’re not staying on Disney property, then you have a certain number of days to use your 3 day (or 5 day) tickets, and you set your ticket date / start date at the beginning of that period, so it you might for example be able to book at 30+7, but it’s still not getting you the major headliners like FOP on Fastpass.


Unlikely. Your 60 days is based on checkin date, not ticket date, I believe.

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OMG, I totally forgot FP’s are tied to the hotel and not tickets. This is why I love you guys. I knew my plan had a fatal flaw somewhere!