Buy Exprass Pass online - delievery options

I’m going to order my 1day-p2p Express Pass online. Right now i’m trying to figure my best delievery option out.

I already got my physical frontgate tickets at home. And i want to put it with my express pass in a lanyard, to keep it dry & safe.

I’m guessing that the will-call-kiosk variante will fit perfectly, i assume its the same size.
Not sure about the print at home. Do i get the barcode on the same level, sizewise like the frontgate tickets?

Can someone help me out here?

I bought the print at home HHN express pass and I was able to fold it and put it in my lanyard so that they could scan it.

Did you, in any way, had to show ID or something to verify the express passes?

Not when I used them. They scanned the bar code. They may be using their facial recognition software?

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