Buy 4 day get 1 free


We are preparing to purchase our tickets for Jan/Feb 2018. Our 180 window is at the end on July, so we purchase in about 6 weeks. Currently, undercover tourist and other ticket vendors are selling the Buy 4 days get 1 free. My concern is: Does this ticket have a different expiration than a regular base ticket? Don't want to get to the gate and have to pay an upcharge. Any thoughts? I can't find the ticket on Disney's main ticket page any longer.


These vendors are actually selling a 5 day ticket. There won't be any surprises at the gate. They are just charging you the 4-day price and using "advertising lingo" with the "buy 4 get 1 free."


Just bought our tix at UT - they have the following info on the top of each section: "Activate by December 31, 2018!"


LOVE Undercover Tourist - you can always CHAT with them to confirm the tickets. Last time we bought from them we purposefully purchased tickets with a specific expiration at a lower prices. They are very good at disclosing things - but just make sure you pay attention to exactly what you buy.