Busy wdw lines app

Anyone else seeing this?

I have been trying for a couple hours.

Yes! I’ve tried on my dashboard also and getting the same message.

@len I looked on twitter but cannot find any info anywhere. The apps are down?

Thanks for checking Twitter. I don’t have an account so I did wonder if anything had been posted there.

I can’t see anything anywhere. Movie night in a few minutes too?

Seeing the same thing.

Not sure about the movie since we can’t chat? I wonder if someone would respond to an email?

It isn’t pressing for it to be fixed…but wanted to be sure it wasn’t isolated to me.

Fortunately, I didn’t plan to be in the parks today anyhow! :slight_smile:


Very fortunate! :laughing:

Only thinking of yourself, again! What about those of us that ARE in the parks??? :upside_down_face:


So true. I shall hang my head in shame. But…that makes my neck hurt.

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I saw that last night as well. Seems to be working well this morning.

We’re all so desperate for Disney every little glitch is painful. lol.

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