Buses instead of boats?

At Boardwalk (and presumably BC and YC), are they running buses in places of the water taxis?

What if we are in FW and want to take a bus back? Are buses running regularly from the main gate?

We are trying to work out our transportation options for various things. But it appears buses aren’t listed as being normal for getting to/from Epcot and HS at BWV. I know we can walk…but what if we don’t want to?

I bet @Randall1028 would say: Always take a boat when possible :laughing:

actually no. Other than the ferry the boats are terrible means of transportation. Horribly slow.

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The trouble is…the boat isn’t possible right now. So I’m trying to determine if Disney has eliminated ANY form of transportation for Epcot/HS because they know you can walk it from Boardwalk.

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Sorry, I was trying to be funny. You do are in a quandary w/o water taxis running. At the end of the day, walking all the way back to a room is rough. Unless you’re @Randall1028 that puts in 40K steps a day.

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This is no laughing matter! :wink:

(No, I knew you were being funny.)


I like water taxis even if they are slow, it’s a pretty ride. I don’t know why they arent’ running them though since I’ve NEVER been on one that was full, ever.

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We stayed at the Beach Club the first week of February and took the water taxi to HS. It was often crowded.

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