Buses from Yacht Club


Any guidance would be appreciated. I have heard different reports lately. Do all Epcot resorts share one bus? I thought Yacht and Beach shared . Dolphin,Swan and Boardwalk shared. Does it depend on time of day? Or what park going to/from , or time of year. We will be going 11/21-11/28 which is really busy.
Anyone stay at Yacht or Beach lately that could verify.
Thank you


In May we stayed at the Boardwalk. Shared bus with Swan/Dolphin and Yacht/Beach club.

I didn’t even realize it until we actually had to be somewhere in a time crunch. I wasn’t that thrilled, and it really made us decide to rent cars for future trips and just drive ourselves.

Not sure if it’s still the same. I did overhear chatter at the Boardwalk on Wednesday about buses and something about sharing them and how long it took. The couple chatting were NOT happy at ALL.


So plan accordingly. Thanks for the heads up . I was hoping since we are going during a very busy time Thanksgiving they would separate Yacht and Beach from the others.


Just got home last night. We had a Beach Club/Grand Floridian split stay. We took the park bus to AK and MK and they were only Yacht/Beach Club. I was worried about the same thing so I was very happy that was how it worked.


We stayed at BC in July - the vast majority of the time the share was solely YC/BC. A few times we shared with Boardwalk as well, but those were odd cases like the bus back from Disney After Hours type stuff. Overall we found the bus service from BC exemplary, but it’s possible we were just covered in pixie dust for our week and got lucky…


We stayed at the YC a few weeks ago. It seemed it depended on the time of day. When we came from AK at noon it was shared with Swan/Dolph, YC, BC, and BW. The same when we came from DS and MK at mid-night. And the route was Swan/Dolph then YC. So it was too bad but the buses were crowded.