Buses from POP to Epcot & DHS reduced

So as expected would happen, there were A boards at POP today stating that buses would run once an hour to Epcot and DHS, and encouraging people to use the Skyliner.

I imagine AoA and CBR will follow suit.

This follows the removal of the bus times from those resorts to Epcot and DHS when the Skyliner opened.

Eventually I expect the buses will be phased out completely, only being used in bad weather.

Whelp. That is 4 places I will never stay (either again or ever). Very glad I did not book CBR for July. No death buckets for me. Tried them, as a solo female, I hate that they require sharing. Especially if they make you share with only one other person.


Ugh! Staying at POP in July and was planning on taking the bus to epcot to RD Test Track. Now I’ll likely be entering at the international gate.

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I almost wonder if they decided to reduce because they are noticing more people are favoring the skyliner and are getting less guests taking the buses anyways.
Then again it is Disney and lately they have been favoring the almighty buck before anything else…

It makes sense. They want people to use the skyliner and most want to. As long as they provide some alternative route like the bus, however inconvenient they make it, it seems reasonable. As with most of Disney’s decisions, if they would just let people know ahead of time, everyone would adjust accordingly. That being said, I’m sure it’s hard to predict when they would be ready for this to happen but as it’s the end of the holiday season, I suspect they had that much foresight. But now, guests who don’t want to ride the gondolas for whatever reason but have booked and planned trips in near future, are stuck with a once-per-hour bus or shelling out $$ for lyft/uber.


It was always the plan. The business plan included eliminating the regular bus services from those four resorts to the two parks served by the Skyliner. They are phasing it out, a little quicker perhaps than some thought they would.

By bus service once an hour, do they mean ONE BUS or as many buses as needed all at the same time at the specified once an hour time? In other words, am I sure to get on a bus if I am there at the scheduled hourly time?

I interpret it as one bus per hour. So if you must take a bus, I would be there early.

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Same for me. I will not be considering staying at any resorts with the Skyliner as the primary form of transportation to Epcot and HS.

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Lets say that there are 3 ECVs, they only take 2 at a time so the 3rd has to wait 2 hour now for a bus?

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Doesn’t sound right, but who knows what they’ll do. I mean, what would they do at CBR with multiple stops? Go to the first one, fill the bus and leave?

That is a good question I have only stayed at the Values with only one bus stop. I have been turned away from the bus twice in the past because of others with ECVs ahead of us. We only waited 10-15 min for the next bus and that was on the way back to the hotel after park closing, so no big deal.

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Did you ask to wait for an empty cabin and they said no? That’s unfortunate!

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Yep. And it’s not like there was even a line when I was there. It was him and me and a family a LONG way away.

I kinda get it at high demand times like park closing, but when there is no line, does not seem like a big deal to NOT put strangers in them together.

Just playing Devil’s advocate here, but I wonder if there is some unlisted policy to not allow a single rider per cabin. Some kind of safety concern (no one else to call for help if something happens). They should allow you to wait for a different party to join though, so not putting single teen or woman or whatever with single guy or group of guys if someone is concerned.

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I don’t know. I did have a friend recently who was solo and was there when no one else was and got one by herself, so… Who knows. I’ll just stay where I don’t have to deal with them.

Pretty sure @Randall1028 rode by himself too. It’s probably CM dependent like so many other things.

We rode as a family of 4 and only once had anyone put with us. That leg a single man joined us.

There was a report yesterday that at least at around 9:30am yesterday there was a CM counting how many people loaded the Riviera every hour. The 9:30 report by someone waiting for anMK bus was that not one person loaded the bus.