Busch Gardens Williamsburg Tickets and Dining


We are planning to visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg in August and we found that there is a sale until January 17 for $61.99 per ticket. I was told that once the park is closer to its opening day in May, deals will start to show up on Groupon and other sites. We want to buy 4 tickets, but because our kids don’t eat a lot we want to purchase only two dining plans, which are usually cheaper to buy combine with the tickets, but right now the only dining plans for sale are the all year dining plan.

We just comeback from Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando, and they didn’t have any issues with just my wife and I having the dining plan, is this the case in Busch Gardens Williamsburg? because I read somewhere that there is no meal sharing allow at that park. Are they going to walk to my table and check if my kids paid for what they are eating?

So are tickets priced at $61.99 a great deal that we should grab before Jan 17 or we will get better deals later on in sites like Groupon?

Should we buy two tickets for $61.99 before Jan 17, and wait for when the one day dining becomes available for purchasing, so we can get the one day ticket combined with all day dining for the other two tickets?

I hope some could help thanks!

I only spent one day at this park but in our experience no one cared what we ate.

Thanks Kitty_Ellas_Mom, I was wondering how are they going to tell me what to share with me kids?

We go all the time but have never had the dining plan (locals). Many meals are big enough to split and no one cares or notices who eats what. I think you will be fine. However if you want to get alcoholic beverages, make sure both adults are present (at least close enough to wave). They won’t let one adult buy two drinks.

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The one big meal we had there was at the German restaurant. There were so many options of what to buy. We didn’t get entrees for everyone. There were a lot of little sides and desserts. I remember it was very good!

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thanks for the reply lynnbo1693,

If you are a local, what do you think about the $61.99 ticket price? Is that a great deal I shouldn’t miss or should I just wait until May, when the park is open and maybe by then I’ll find better deals?

We are going on August the 18th

I actually have no idea! Sorry. We get annual passes so I don’t really pay attention. It seems decent? Lol! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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