Busch Gardens Annual Passes -which do you own and why- what's your thoughts?

So we are normally a party of 3-4 for theme parking. Me ,DS1(27), DS2(25), & DS1GF(25) and after a crazy 6 months trying to plan out the rest of our year…

DS2 & I have sorcerer passes-, DS1 pixie expiring in September & DSGF pixie December
Me and DS2 also have UAOP premier & Dollywood diamond +

Here is where it gets icky-
DS1&GF live in west palm area,
DS2 currently here with me in Nashville but is just starting to work out of Tampa.

I have a room reserved for a week in Williamsburg.

Not sure if any of the kids will make it lol but I am going anyway. I am also am in early planning stages for early 2023 DLR, knots, Universal Hollywood and May is Branson- Dollywood pass should cover discounted silver dollar city.

I am I think my best bet is to at least pick up at least 1 plantnium AP for Busch Gardens, but having trouble deciding which home park?

  1. Are the BG APs more like Disney- 1 year from first swipe? or will it be just now till the end of 2022 like Dollywood, come December its done.

  2. If I go for the less expensive Williamsburg pass I know I will get parking there but not at the other parks- if I purchase Tampa would I than be able to use parking benefit for Seaworld etc…

My thought is grab the Williamsburg Platinum for me
Silver Seaworld for DS1
Silver BGT for DS2

so that parking is covered in all parks- and DS1GF has always got a tag along ticket…especially with the rumors of BG picking up the Cedar Point parks I am looking forward to checking them out. For what its with I have not been to Seaworld since 1974- I heard it changed…