Bus travel time to Blizzard Beach, free water & how long for ADR at Plaza for lunch? Misc questions

I am full of random questions today.

  1. Has anyone take a resort bus to BB recently since they started with direct resort to WP buses? How long did it take if you were rope dropping?
  2. Can you get free ice water at the QS restaurants at BB? I know you can at parks but wasn’t sure if the same applies at water parks.
  3. How long should I allow for an ADR at the Plaza with an ADR time of 12:10pm? Also at Via Napoli for dinner around 7:45? Also at Via Napoli, anyone can order off the kids menu when not on dining plan?

I feel bad that you don’t have any answers but I don’t know. Hopefully this will bump it up the ‘latest’ post list so someone who does can answer.

I would say in general, you should allow 75-90 minutes for an ADR, especially for planning purposes. It might be less but it’s better to suddenly have 15 extra minutes than to have to skip things or feel like you’re trying to make up time.

I also can’t say for sure about Via Napoli (ordering off the kids menu) but I can’t imagine them saying no!

Thanks miss - that’s why i keep editing it. Sneaky I know. LOL I didn’t want to post all of that in chat either since it’s not urgent, just things I keep thinking of randomly.

i think I ended up with 80 minutes in my plan for Via Napoli so hopefully that’s long enough. That’s with relaxed walking. We will be heading to FEA after dinner to ride right before close so as long as we can eat and walk fast to get in line we should be good.
For the Plaza I think I have 50 minutes, and then a FP after so maybe i need to increase that amount of time or get a slightly later FPP end time. Trip isn’t until Sept so still some time to plan.

I’m also interested in the buses to BB!

The last time we ate at Via Napoli (Oct 2017) it felt sloooow. Our waitress went MIA and didn’t take our order for a long time. But even with that, I don’t think we were there for longer than 75 mins, probably closer to an hour. We’ve always ordered pizza to share, so I don’t know about the kid’s meals.

Thanks @jenn94 - I am hoping if we just order a pizza to share of kids meals it won’t take too long. Will remind the server of our hurry. LOL
I really just need to know how long I can sleep in before getting on the bus to BB since it’s our “rest day” :-:joy:

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