Bus transportation to the parks

We are visiting early November and are looking for recent news on the buses.

How is the bus transportation working? Are there any issues? Is there anything we need to know?

Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forums! From what I gathered from trip reports lately, the buses are working well, but because of the social distancing you may have to wait longer to get on one during peak times.

If it takes longer than, I think, an hour for a bus to come pick you up, call your resort and they’ll sort things out. I’m sure others have other tips or info.

Welcome to the forum!

When we were there each bus would allow for 6 parties or groups under 4 people. Less if there in a scooter or wheelchair in line.

In the morning if you want to rope drop you need to plan to get to the bus stop earlier than you would normally. So normally we would try to get to the bus stop for the first bus about an hour before park open. The first day we at the bus stop 10 mins before the first bus should have come and we were 8 parties back and had to wait for the second bus to get on. Another 20 mins after the first bus had left. I have heard reports that they were adjusting the spacing on the buses to accomodate smaller parties of 2 which would mean they could likley get a few more people on each bus which would be good.

Also good to note that there was no bus schedule or estimated wait times. Nothing in the my experience app and I didnt see any screens posting bus arrival times at the resort.

I thought the wait times at the parks at closing were not bad. Dont think we waited any longer than 15 mins for a bus but I did see some long lines for some resorts so those at the end of a long line may have to wait 3 buses or more before getting on.

I felt Disney did deploy more buses where needed when lines looked longer or at closing.

Plan accordingly allow for extra travel time, especially if you want to get to the parks early. Have fun!


Thank you all for the warm welcome and the information. Fingers crossed!

I am going the first week of November also and trying to figure out the best transportation.

Good luck! I am hoping for the best. :slight_smile: