Bus transportation questions

3 Transportation Questions:
Staying at Disney’s AoA.

  1. I have tickets for Toy Story Early Morning Magic. I am curious if a bus will circulate that early.
  2. I have been reading a lot about the buses for Magic Kingdom not being a problem in the hour before park opening. What about the other parks?
  3. Is the skyline construction making bus transportation slow?

Thanks- Leigh Ann
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Yes they do, but it has been recommended to us we take an Uber or Lyft because they let you in early to walk back to the area. Or at least they did when the person I was talking with did it earlier this year. She described it as being at the gates of Toy Story Land at your reserved time. Also depending which resort you’re at the bus might make some stops on the way. Wouldn’t want to be late! :slight_smile:

We boarded a bus at 6:30 am at POP for EMM at MK in 2018. When we stayed at AOA in 2016 we were able to board a bus at 6:45 am for a PPO breakfast ADR.
Be at the bus stop at 6:30 and you will have no issues getting to the park for EMM!!

I have done EMM in HS and MK about 10 times now. I have never had a problem getting on a bus. Be sue to start early. I did EMM yesterday in HS, I got on a bus at 6:11am

We stayed at AoA last week and had no problems with busses running early enough to get where we needed to be with tine to spare. AoA does not share a bus with another resort so that wasn’t a problem.

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