Bus Service at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

I read online that Caribbean Beach’s buses operate with two different routes:

Theme Park → Martinique → Old Port Royale → Trinidad North → Trinidad South → Jamaica → Aruba → Barbados → Theme Park


Theme Park → Jamaica → Aruba → Barbados → Martinique → Old Port Royale → Trinidad North → Trinidad South → Theme Park

According to the article linked above (which is relatively outdated), Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs buses follow the first route, and Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom buses follow the second route.

Does anyone know if these routes are still accurate? Do the buses still not stop at Custom House unless you take the Internal Shuttle?

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We stayed there in July. Every bus I rode followed the second route. I’m not sure we went to all of the parks though. We might have skipped AK. And we did not ride the bus to DS. MK for sure went the second route for us. We also never stopped at custom house. I think the buses there get a bad rap, but they really worked pretty well. You just have to figure in a little extra time on one end of your trip or the other (like maybe 10 minutes). We stayed in Jamaica and never had a single problem with the bus service.

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If you stayed in Jamaica and had the second route the whole time, that must’ve been nice! Maybe the different routes are based on the time of day of travel… Do you remember what time of day you headed to Magic Kingdom?

We went first thing in the morning, and then in the evening. So, 7:30ish and 4:45 or 5 ish, I think. Maybe its also the time of year? Maybe they use different routes depending on how many buses are running.

I saw on a recent video online that the bus from Caribbean Resort to Disney Springs took the first route (Martinique … Barbados --> Disney Springs). I think that Caribbean Beach has taken a similar approach used at the other resorts, where the theme park buses all follow the same route, but the Disney Springs buses follow a different route, normally acting as a secondary internal shuttle.

That makes sense

We just stayed last week. All the buses we were on followed the second route. We went to MK, HS, Epcot, and AK. We did not go to DS or water parks.

We were in Jamaica so it was nice at the end of the day to get off at the first stop and be close to the room. We typically get off and walk anyways though rather than ride the bus longer. However, if you get on at Jamaica, it took 20 minutes on one trip before we were even out of CBR. It was much nicer to get on by OPR after breakfast to get to the parks.