Bus Schedule?

I searched but couldn’t find anything current -
Can someone direct me to the bus schedule? If it makes a difference we are staying at CBBR & I’m looking to get to City Walk in the evening to meet a friend for dinner & IOA for rope drop.

Less than 2 weeks away - it’s getting real!

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There really isn’t a need for a schedule. The buses are pretty much running constantly. If there isn’t a bus there already, there will be one shortly.


Thanks! Last time at Disney I think they were like every 20-30 minutes so I wasn’t sure.

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Yes they’re supposed to be every 20 minutes at Disney but they’re driving further.

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Your wait is typically no longer than 6 minutes - often just a walk up. It’s great! Water Taxis run about every 10 minutes for each of those hotels


I didn’t think Cabana Bay had a water taxi?


It doesn’t…but you can hop on a water taxi to visit other resorts. We did that last May to see Portofino Bay.


You can walk to the water taxi in Sapphire Falls, but the bus is just quicker. As others said busses run non-stop from your resort to CityWalk/USF/IOA. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes for a bus.


They don’t. I was giving you the additional information in case you decided to visit a different resort