Bus or Driving to MK

I know it is all a personal preference but curious to know from those who have taken the bus and driven to MK…is the time about the same? I will be at the Caribbean resort and will have a car the whole time. I will for sure drive to the other 3 parks. Can’t seem to decide on MK. Sounds like bus service at CBR may be unreliable at times so if I would end up with about the same time driving as normal bus service then I think I would be in better control and not risks buses being late. Thoughts?

If you drive you have to park at the TTC and get the ferry or monorail. I’d guess it’s quicker to get the bus.

We always drive to MK but I know there are plenty of people out there who drive “everywhere but MK.” The only wait you will encounter when driving to the MK is for the ferry or monorail and I find those to be more reliable than buses.

Bus to MK might be a few minutes shorter sometimes, but you could potentially face a long wait if you just miss a bus. So we are willing to sacrifice a few (potential) minutes for knowing that the time will be more consistent and every family member will have a seat!

Depending on where your busses are picking up and where your car is parked, you might adopt my strategy. We always planned on taking transport to the parks. I had a time, though when if the bus had not arrived, we walked to the car and drove instead. Took the pressure of deciding in advance because I knew I always had my backup plan.

There is something Magical about arriving at the MK via Monorail or Ferry. So I would think both take roughly around the same time - but I would drive.

The MK was purposefully built to be “over there” and you had to travel to it via one of these magical means. I like the convenience of the buses - but you lose something pulling up in a bus as compared to the Monorail for Ferry. So I highly suggest driving and then “arrive” the way you were originally intended to.

We drove to MK when we had a car and I didn’t think it was worth it. Park car, walk to the ferry/monorail, get in line to get on the ferry, take the ferry, walk to the entrance. It seems easier (for MK only) to just take the bus and deal with the hassle once rather than multiple times.

I have done it both ways with toddlers. It takes a while whichever way you decide
Buses: you wait for arrival of bus, fold strollers and then they cram so many people on bus it is not a comfortable ride. Once on bus it took us anywhere from 15 to 20 min depending on traffic. ( we stayed at art of animation). Then it takes a few minutes to get all people off bus and unfold strollers. Then you have to walk a good distance to entrance. Go thru security and then scan your bands and get thru gate. I never timed it exactly but it was easily 40 min by time we waited, rode bus then got thru security and gate.

By car: We were more comfortable driving and of course more room for strollers. But by car you have to go thru parking entrance pay/ or show pass if you staying in Disney resort, park and unload, fold stroller to ride tram, unfold stroller and go thru security. Then up ramp to monorail Usually have to wait. At least a few minutes. Strollers can roll on monorail. Then arrive and exit onto ramp from monorail and enter gate. We were staying 10 min away from parking entrance and it took us 40 to 45 minutes to actually enter park

Time is Not that much different either way but maybe a little quicker by bus but maybe more comfortable taking your own car. Either way allow plenty of time to actually get inside of park at MK

Without strollers and small children , the bus probably is quicker and not so difficult

The most important day for me is the one with ADR at CRT at 8:15am. I don’t want to miss this so from CBR, when should I plan on being at bus stop or leave by car? 7am good enough?

I think 7 gives you time. I think an hour ahead would be minimum but 7:00 gives you an extra 15 min in case there is a delay. The castle experience is amazing!!

Thank you! We are very excited about the upcoming trip.

Another question. I will take a mid-day break around noon-ish or 1pm back to hotel and then 5/6pm back at MK. Should I plan for about the same one hour each way or is that more for the busy time in the morning and at park close?

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Levaing at the end of the day can take a LONG time no matter what the mode is - but during mid day - you may be saving a bit of time. I may take the bus at that though

Is it true that you can linger around the park up to an hour after it closes as you make your way to the gate? I know you can’t get in line for rides but can you wander, take pictures and make your way out without rushing?

Also, how long do busses run from park to resort after the official close time?

I think it varies - but you should be ok regardless. It is fun to wander after closing