Bus from Disney Springs to Riviera resort

Hi, do you know the bus schedule from Disney Springs Town Center and Saratoga resort to the Riviera resort ? Which one is more frequent and fastest in the morning ? Thanks :slight_smile:

There aren’t buses that are resort to resort, so buses to Riviera would be from the parks or DS. DS buses don’t start until I believe 9 am from the resorts with a 10 am DS opening.

If you are at Saratoga and want to get to Riviera, you can walk to DS and take a bus, or take a bus to, say, HS, and then take the Skyliner or bus to Riviera, etc. If needing to get there early, you might need to use AK to transfer buses instead.

Or, course, you can always use Lyft or Uber.

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Some reports today that people are now being blocked from walking from SSR to DS and told by CM’s “buses only”. Maybe having to do with the temp screening locations. Hopefully more to come on what’s going on with that. If that’s here to stay, then avoid DS for the example above.

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ok, actually I’ll be staying at the Cypress Pointe hotel and was trying to find the best way to get to the International Gateway entrance of EPCOT. I can go to DS with Lynx bus 50 (Superstop) then I’m a bit confused on how to continue from there. I know the Skyliner would be practical from Riviera or HS but how to get to there ? Sorry if I’m unclear. I find it odd that I can’t find a clear time table online with all routes.

The Congress Park walkway to Disney Springs is open. The liner that posted tried the Grandstand path. The Grandstand path is closed.

Ah, that makes sense now.

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Hmm, there are a few options here.

DS buses to and from resorts start operating during the start of DS hours, which I believe is 10am right now. That doesn’t leave much time if wanting to get to the IG entrance early for an 11am Epcot opening. My first choice would be a Beach/Yacht Club bus, and then walk straight through BC from the bus stop, out the back doors, and left on the walking path along the lake. But, if you see a Riviera bus at DS first, it could be quicker to take that and then the skyliner, but I’m not sure what the typical line to get on the skyliner there looks like at that time.

From my experience, it can be a pain waiting for the right bus at DS. If timing is critical, then I would pay to Uber/Lyft to Beach Club. Sometimes a dining reservation or mobile food order are needed to be allowed to drop off at the three Disney-owned resorts in that area, so I would be prepared to order something from, say, Beach Club Marketplace. Or trade the risk of having to do that with being dropped off at the Dolphin, adding 5-10 min to the walk. Hope all that makes sense.

Ask more as much as needed. Lots of smart experienced Disney people here.

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My next question is why do you want to arrive at the International Gateway? If you are off site, I presume you have a vehicle? If so, I would just use the main gate at Epcot. A bit of a walk to get to WS from there compared to IG, but far less hassle than trying to find another route in my mind.

Disney doesn’t post bus schedules like a municipal public transit organization would. That would be neat, but probably also terrible.

True, because Disney dynamically routes some of their buses based on demand. It isn’t really a fixed schedule.

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Wow I’m overwhelmed by the generous help, thank you guys. To ryan1: no I won’t have a car, just Lynx bus 50 to DS then Disney buses. I might use Lyft/Uber if needed but not every day as I’ll be in the parks 13 days ! I can’t afford taxis for 2 weeks.
So I like the idea of a bus from DS to either Beach Club then walk or Riviera then Skyliner. I may arrive a bit late but it’s ok as I plan to do the big rides before close. Why the IG entrance you ask ? Because I hear it’s less crowded and if I could have the Skyliner ride to get there it would be like a first attraction to me :)) Eventhough in Switzerland we have plenty of those :wink:


or even DS to Boardwalk then walk or DS to HS then Skyliner, right ?

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Got it.

Well, keep in mind that Skyliner can stop unexpectedly due to weather, so if the day is windy or there is chance of lightning, I would head to Beach Club or Boardwalk instead so you can walk.

When we were there in August, the Skyliner line got quite backed up. It took us 53 minutes from Pop due to backups at CBR station during the opening hours. So be prepared for the possibility to wait a while.

You can grab skyliner at IG/EC resorts w/in walking distance are BW, BC, YC. Skyliner goes to HS, EC, CBR, Pop, AoA, RS

There are no buses from DS to any theme park. Too many people would park at DS for free, and take the bus instead of paying to park at the theme park. Buses go from DS to the WDW hotels.


Disney Springs -> EPCOT International Gateway (IG) starts at 10am:
- DS Town Center (Disney bus) -> Riviera Resort (Skyliner if low wind) -> EPCOT IG
- DS Town Center (Disney bus) -> Beach Club Resort (walk) -> EPCOT IG
- DS Town Center (Disney bus) -> Boardwalk Villas (walk) -> EPCOT IG
- DS Town Center (Disney bus) -> Yacht Club (walk) -> EPCOT IG

from what I understand. Thank you all :slight_smile:

So you are visiting Florida from Switzerland for 2 weeks? You do realize that you are suppose to quarantine before going out?

Welcome to the forum! I thought the new rules (in place now) are that in order to get on a plane to the US you need to have a negative test. Did they add an additional quarantine requirement to that? I can’t imagine Florida has any extra requirements.

Hi, thanks Jy416 for warning me :slight_smile: It seems that the new set of measures starts to be enforced from tuesday (26th) and I arrive monday. I use Spirit airlines and on their web site they state that the negative test will be required starting jan 26th. I assume that the quarantine rule doesn’t start before that date. Am I wrong ?

There are no requirements presently. However, it would be great if you got a test prior to boarding the plane in case you were an asymptomatic carrier to avoid exposing others while traveling and in the parks. Please consider it :pray:t2: