Bus Drop-off Situation?

We’re staying at Dockside for our first trip in June. Yay!! I’ve read great things about the bus situation (lots of buses, comes often, etc.)

The only thing I can’t figure out is the drop-off. Is there only one drop-off for both parks/CityWalk or are there multiple drop-offs? Where is/are the drop-off? What’s the situation getting back on the buses?

We’re been to WDW often and only stayed at All Stars. We had long waits at night at Disney so I’m curious about UOR.

The buses at UOR are super easy. There is one stop, which is where the security check is just before City walk. You just go up the stairs (or elevator if you prefer) and head through security.

We rarely waited more than a few minutes for the bus there and back.



The general guest drop-off area is at Universal’s parking hub. You will walk through security and then through CityWalk to get to the parks. (USF entrance is to the right, IOA is straight ahead) The buses run from one hour before Early Park Admission until CityWalk closes. Buses arrive every 10 to 15 minutes at Endless Summer. When leaving Universal to go back to the hotel, the line to take the bus can get long at peak times (typically, when both theme parks are closing).

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There is also a shuttle that goes from Endless Summer directly to Volcano Bay.


It’s hard, at first, for WDW veterans to feel the scope of how much smaller Universal is comparatively to WDW. The buses will pick you up right outside the lobby doors (to the left)

They then drop you off right at the security entrance. After passing through there you are in CityWalk. If you veer to the left you go to IOA and USF is to the right. It’s that simple.

When you are ready to leave you go back to the same drop-off/pick-up area. There are plenty of easy to see signs “Buses to Hotels”… “Queue on Left = Endless Summer Resorts” and etc…

If you are comfortable getting around WDW then Universal will be a breeze. I love how easy to find and close everything is located.

Here’s an overly simplified drawing…basically imagine the park layout as a giant “V”. The base is CityWalk with shopping, dinning and short paths connecting the theme parks at the top of the branches



You’re all so lovely! Thank you for these great responses! I finally figured out the bus situation. And @darkmite2 - thanks for making a map!

I’m excited about this trip even more because it requires almost no bus planning compared to WDW. We can take one bus to get to three locations and it’s nice that Volcano Bay has its own direct bus.

Is there any comparison size-wise to the Disney Parks? I’m hoping that it’s closer in size to Hollywood Studios than EP or MK.

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IMHO - Each park feels about the size of Magic Kingdom.

I’m sure someone here will know the actual acreage :crazy_face:

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Thanks @darkmite2! That’s larger than I thought it would be but always doable!

Good guess!



That’s funny that Hollywood Studios is so big! I always feel more tired at MK! I must crisscross more at MK. Thanks for the great information @bebe80!

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