Bus between Values and Epcot

tl;dr : How is bus transportation between the Values and Epcot?

I’ve booked a solo 5N DCL cruise in February 2025. The primary reason for the trip is the cruise, but I’m trying to work in a quick 2N WDW trip beforehand: arrival day would be Cirque du Soleil and the next day would be Epcot.

It’s a bit early to book the WDW portion, but I’m looking at options now in order to set aside money for the trip. Normally we like to stay in the Boardwalk area, but I’m not sure I can justify a Deluxe on this trip because of the cruise. Staying on property simplifies getting to the port, so I’m considering a Value.

For Epcot day I’d go in the morning, back to the resort for a rest in the late afternoon, and back to Epcot in the evening. I’m not a rope-dropper so I’d likely miss the the bulk of the crowd heading there in the morning.

I’m open to other suggestions. Lyft is an option, but I get ill on the Skyliner.


No complaints about bus transport from AS Movies and AS Music (the only two values in which I’ve stayed, from what I read the same applies to AS Sports). I’ve read more complaints here in the forum about buses at Deluxe resorts! We have always rope dropped while staying there, but also sometimes come back for midday breaks and we’ve never had to wait long for buses, and they’re only full at peak times. I once came back to AS Movies directly after MK fireworks on a high crowd level day in July, and had to wait for three buses before there was space for my party of 8 - but they were coming quickly and WDW was clearly making an effort to put on extra buses.

Since you’re so far out, I would say also keep an eye out for discounts at the Swolphin, which is so convenient for Epcot. We stayed there the week before Christmas in December 2022 for $226 per night per room (family of 4) including all fees and taxes, which is not much more than what I paid for AS Music in November 2023 (I booked 1 night there are short notice, so did not get any special deals or discounts).


I’m assuming you mean from the All Stars since there won’t be a bus to Epcot from Pop or AoA

In my experience All Star bus service has been among the best of any of the resorts I’ve stayed at honestly. And the queue they have set up makes sure everyone gets on in the order they arrived to the stop which is nice too.

The only thing is they tend to be a hundred miles away at the bus depots but :woman_shrugging:t2: When you’ve walked 15 miles already what’s a few hundred feet?


Your best bet for a value to Epcot is to stay at Pop for the skyliner.

Skyliner makes @CharleneTX ill. It is the best option if you can handle the Skyliner. I love Pop for a Value stay now because of it.


It seems the Swolphin is comparable in pricing to a Moderate? DCL doesn’t seem to pick up from there, though.

Are there no Epcot busses from Skyliner resorts? Or are the busses inadequate?

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No Epcot buses from Skyliner resorts as long as the Skyliner is running. Or HS buses.