Bus between MK and DHS?

Hi. We’re going to WDW in a couple weeks, and on one of our days we plan to hop from MK to DHS as soon as hopping is available.

Two questions, both pretty simple:

  1. I have a vague memory that buses between the parks weren’t running due to COVID operational changes. Have buses between the parks resumed operation?

  2. If so, can we catch a bus to DHS from the bus terminals right outside the MK gate, or do we have to go to the TTC to get a bus to DHS?


Not sure about 1

But 2 you could walk to Contemporary and bus from there if necessary

Thanks for your quick reply. I thought about doing that, but was still wondering about the park-to-park buses. It would be good to know if they’re running, not just for the MK to DHS route.

There are park to park buses from MK to HS. It would be where the other buses are generally but the transportation board will direct you.


This article should give you the insights you need:

An important take-away is that since park hopping doesn’t begin until 2:00 PM, the park-to-park bus lines have a delayed start.

You can use the interactive transportation map here do find out what locations are interconnected, but it does not address start/end times. Buses are not always the most efficient way to get between parks.

And here are a few statements from Disney:

Looking for information on how to get from one park to another? Download the My Disney Experience mobile app to view routes and stop locations for various modes of transportation—including buses, monorails and water taxis.

Please tap “Get Directions” in the My Disney Experience app or ask a Cast Member to assist you in planning your trip from one park to another. The most direct route may involve a combination of bus, monorail, boat or walking.