Bus between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios?


Does anyone know if there’s a Disney bus that runs between EPCOT and DHS? I know there’s the friendship boat at the International Gateway but I’m wondering if there’s a bus at the main entrance.

I’m looking to start my day at DHS, take the boat to EPCOT, eat some Food & Wine, then head back to DHS for nighttime stuff. It would be great if I could eat and drink through the UK and Canada into Future World then out the main entrance rather than backtracking through the park.

Last time I was there (October, 2015), there certainly was a bus from Epcot to DHS. I did some searching, and it seems acroding to this picture that there is a dedicated bus stop #9 for DHS at the Epcot bus station.

Side note: Are there food booths in Future World now? I thought for Food & Wine they were normally contained within World Showcase.

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Thanks @AnomalousAnderson for the research and confirmation. To answer your question, yes there are a few booths in the Future World West area.