Burn a FPP or save it for later?

Setting aside any morally flexible implications, what is the best strategy for the third FPP?

I’m having problems with Epcot after they moved the Character Spot to tier 1. We plan to arrive to Epcot late in the day use one FPP for SE and then the second FPP for FEA as we tour the WS until Illuminations.

Ideally we would want to squeeze a Character Spot FPP right after we use FEA. Should I burn the third FPP? Is there a better approach?

I would burn the third.

I’ve done this in the past for an example,

We were arriving at 4pm so I made a FPP 3:20-4:20. When we arrived we went straight to the ride. Then made our 2nd FPP for 4:20-5:20 and our third from 5:20-6:20. If we finished our 2nd one by 4:30 I would then go into the app and modify our 3rd FPP to try to get an earlier time so we didn’t have to wait. Once you’re done with the 3rd you can then grab your 4th FPP hopefully for character spot!

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In general tier 2 FPP’s at Epcot are not worth that much, so burning the 3rd (even booking it before you plan to arrive) isn’t that much of a loss.

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Thanks, burn I will then.

Just be aware if the window ends before you enter the park, it may not expire and you’d have to modify it to another tier 2 and tap in before you could book another tier 1.

So do I need to tap the ride reader in order to burn the FPP?

This will be more complicated than what I originally expected.

So WDW is effectively limiting the top tier attractions that you can enjoy without a line. Not nice. Not nice. This entire vacation planning has been everything but magical. I really don’t get all the fuss. I’m really starting to miss my DLR vacation from last year, everything is so more relaxed and straightforward.

If you’re in the park and just don’t ride, it will expire assuming it is before your tier 1. If you book it for 9-10 and don’t enter the park till 10.30, it won’t expire. If you’re in the park but it’s after your tier 1, it won’t expire. I’d book it for a convenient ride near where you’ll be and tap in just to be sure it clears and you can book another tier 1.

What happens to it if it doesn’t expire? It just sits in an unusable state precluding you from booking a 4th FP? Or?

You need to modify it to another tier 2. Or else yes, it just sits there.

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Wow, thanks! You really know your stuff. You should write a book and call it “The Unofficial-Unoffcial Guide to WDW”


I’ve been on touring plans a long time, you pick stuff up.

In this case, does “after tier 1” really just mean, “after you have used an FP?” I have no data, but I always thought that if you’re in-park and you miss a FP window, it just goes away. Can you not cancel it? Or will that not count as “using your first 3” and you’ll have to rebook a tier 2 before getting access to 4+ and the tier 1’s?

No it means after your tier 1. If you have a tier 2 booked after your tier 1, you must tap in, you will only be able to modify it to another tier 2 if you don’t and won’t be able to book another tier 1.

If you cancel it you haven’t used your first 3.

Oh - this is good info - I didn’t realize this. So if I am at EP at RD - have a tier 2 first thing in the morning that I don’t tap in for, then a second tier 2 that I use, then a tier 1 that I use - can I book a tier 1 as a 4th FPP? 15 days till my FPP window & I know I want to burn at least 1 of the tier 2’s at EP

Yes that would be fine. Or should be fine, you know what MDE is like for glitches. If it doesn’t disappear, you’d just need to modify it to another tier 2 and tap in without riding. It’s probably worth doing that with your burner just to avoid the glitches slowing you down.

great - I will have to double check where I am going to be in the park so I can match it up with something easy to burn.
I have the feeling that there is going to be a run on Figment FPPs LOL

We use our tier 2s on SSE and MS, we never burn any.

I am going to use SSE, but I am not sure about MS yet - so I may not need to burn one, but I want to make sure I know how it works if I do :slight_smile:
So glad that I can get so much info here

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No judgement! I’d rather not do MS but DS loves it so we do. I’d have to burn one if we skipped it.

We are going to RP EPCOT w/ a 9:00a opening.

First FEA, then Soarin’, followed by a 9:30a FP+ for Living with the Land (riding close to the end of the window).
Our second FP+ is The Seas w/ Nemo & Friends (10:30a), Turtle Talk, Look at the Seas exhibits.
Third FP+ is Test Track (11:35a).

This gives us all three Tier 1s before noon, and we can use our two Tier 2s as well. :slight_smile:

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