Buildings with Elevators at OKW

Traveling with my husband in November of 2023. Reserved a one bedroom villa at OKW, standard, not near the hospitality house. We will have a scooter so need an elevator as we prefer an upper room. What would the best building / room be to accommodate the scooter? Thanks!

I think the only ones that have elevators are near the hospitality house

You might want to consider modifying to reserve one with handicap accommodations for mobility - that would ensure a building with an elevator. Or you’ll have to be okay with a first floor

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Only buildings 62, 63 and 64 have elevators. Building 64 does not have a parking lot.

I’m not sure I would rely on a room request for those 3 buildings if it is a must for you. I would book an accessible room if you need one or at least note that you need a ground floor room because you have a scooter. They are good at accommodating that request but may not be able to give you a higher room in those specific buildings.

So if you want to request an upper floor, make sure you state that scooter accessibility is the priority, and if possible you’d like a higher floor in those specific buildings.


They aren’t actually in the Near HH category. The buildings nearest HH are all older buildings.

62, 63 & 64 aren’t that much further away though.


That’s maybe what I was thinking of.

Thanks for clarifying! :smiley:

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When we stayed there 2 years ago with a scooter they had us in a 2nd floor room with no elevator. Told us to park the scooter outside of one of the first floor units. We insisted upon moving to a first floor unit to be able to park the scooter inside the room and after the first night was moved into one of those elevator buildings. We had put in our room request that we had a scooter and mobility issues and were unable to naviagte stairs. This was through DVC as well as the TP request. The front desk confirmed they received the request, but did not honor it. They said we should have booked an accessible room of which there are not many.