Building a TP based on luck

How do you build your TP for HS (or anywhere, I guess) when you are trying for FP4+ and tapping out of Tier 2s to get on all the Tier 1 rides?

HS day we plan to:
RD TSMM (TP says 40 minutes??)
9:10 Mermaid tap out. Will prob go to Muppets instead. (must do for us)
10:05 ST which we will use (hope to modify earlier but doubt we will be able)
11:30 SDD we will plan to tap in at 11:25 and start hunting for RnRC and ToT

How do I build my TP around ever changing FP times if I am modifying to as early as possible?

I think it is helpful to use TP to get a feel for your day, seeing what happens when you experiment with a varient of options. The day of, then, while you might not have a TP that is exactly what you do, it is a starting point that helps direct you as you go along. As the day progresses and you check things off, you can always Optimize on the fly and see what it suggests as you go along.

Depending on when you are going, by the time you tap into SDD, FP for RnRC and ToT might be limited/late or unavailable altogether. So make sure you have a plan that works for you assuming you DON’T obtain the FP. Then, if you do, it will just shorten your waits down a bit, allowing you to spontaneously do something else if you want.


This is my concern, too. We had a TSMM FP for 9:30 and we were going to RD SDD instead but I happened to find this SDD at 11:30. Is it weird that I am regretting getting a SDD FP?


If you know what you are doing, and you know what you’d like to do, and you know how to work the FP system on the fly:

  1. I’d be pretty confident in being able to modify your ST.
  2. I’d schedule either low demand shows or attractions after ST so you can hunt to modify the SDD to an earlier time. If you then score an earlier SDD, but you were planning on something like the Sing Along or Muppets next - no big deal. There will be shows later in the day. ST FP should be pretty easy to come by when you are hunting, unless you’re at MAX crowd level. When are you going?

So that’s my “structure” of wingin it for fp hunting - just schedule low demand attractions so when you score a good fp, it’s not really a big deal to skip something else. And it’s easy to concentrate on the hunt while you’re waiting in a queue or even better, a theater waiting for a show to start.

I meant to ask this. If you plan to just tap out of Mermaid, why not just get a Muppets FP to begin with? Then you can tap in and start working to modify while you’re in the pre-show, etc.

I wondered the same thing then thought maybe it was to tap in a few minutes earlier - the difference in the time to walk over to Muppets?

Keep the SDD FP, I cannot imagine TSMM will be 40 minutes if you rope drop it.

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None available that early. I’m going to keep trying to modify that Mermaid to Muppets but nothing there right now. Earliest is 10:30 but no 9:00 ST so keeping 10:00 ST since we actually want to ride and will keep hunting for 9:00 Muppets.

Muppets generally only runs 10-6. At least at times of year I’ve been. Has screwed up more than one of my “perfect” TPs!

Good point! You could always squeeze in a second TSMM ride depending on the wait time, in order to fill some of the time before you can get into ST at 10. Probably even throw in a swirling saucers ride too?

Thanks! That addresses my concern about earlier SDD FP not being visible because I have Tier 2 FP in those slots.

I’m confident in my FP grab and modify skills. (Got 4 sets of Any Attraction FP out of one set of converted UtSLM last time because I noticed on Lines that it was down. Just kept adding another and watching it convert. And score two extra sets of FoP on SDFP drops. This forum is a gold mine!!) And it is just me and DD15 this trip so we are quick and nimble.
Going 11/7 which is Jersey Week. TP CL prediction is 6. One of the first days after end of EEMH. Hoping everyone zigs to GE while we zag to TSL.

Aha!! Mystery solved! I could not figure out who (besides Liners looking to tap out of a Tier 2) would be hogging up those 9am FP!!

:nauseated_face: to Alien Saucers. Somehow I can do Tea Cups but that rinky dink thing got me good! But I love the idea of coming right back for more TSMM.

A perfect reason to avoid that ride and do more TSMM! More TSMM is always a good thing in my book… until my shoulder demands I take a break.

I agree. I’m usually up against DS18 and his gamer skills. Betting I can take down DD15 this time. We’re working on a wager. I’m open to teen torture suggestions.

Are you looking for high scoring strategies on TSMM? Or suggestions on how to potentially decrease his score?

Sorry. I wasn’t clear DS18 (the one who always beats us all) won’t be along this trip. Just me and DD15. I think I have a chance to beat her. She thinks not. So, I have suggested we place a little bet. If she loses I want to torture her a little bit. So far the best I’ve come up with is making her watch Dapper Dans with me on our MK day. But I feel like this forum might be able to help me come up with a better teen torture plan than that!

If I might ask, in what way does your DD intend to torture YOU if you lose?

It isn’t really in my nature to want to “torture” my kids in the way you suggest. Although, I do want my kids to experience things that maybe they wouldn’t necessarily choose on their own. But that’s just part of being a family.

But I suppose I could see having each of you do something you might otherwise find mildly embarrassing. Perhaps she is “too old” (or “too young”) to do a character M & G with a princess or something that you then say she has to do…but if YOU lose, YOU’RE the one who has to do the M & G. (This presumes that you don’t otherwise enjoy M & Gs. Because if you do, it isn’t much of a “torture” now is it?)

I’m pretty sure if she wins she’s going to ask for extra pin money. I’m pretty hard to embarrass so I think she’ll go for the wallet.

Being a teenage girl, she finds most things embarrassing but is really less eye-rolly than I make her out to be. I could definitely make her do a M+G with Elsa or Frozen sing along. For some reason she has always hated Frozen. So, that might fit the bill.

I have over trained my kids in commando style Disney touring. Last two trips we have done some forced “smell the roses, see the ‘lesser’ things” time. Pin trading helps with this a lot. Last trip it was seeing Tom Sawyer Island for the first time. They loved it even as teenagers. Running around like lunatics scaring each other in the caves. DS beat me at checkers. It was such an oasis in a long MK day.

This time I thought it could be some streetmosphere (before it all goes away?). Thus, the thought of Dapper Dans as my prize. I am planning to do it anyway but thought it would be funny to “make” her when/if she loses.