Budgeting time for Disneyland meals

I haven’t been to Disneyland in several years and have never eaten at French Market or Harbour Galley. If say Monday October 24, 11:30am French Market, 3:30pm Harbour Galley, how much time for line/order/wait/eat?

I like to budget 45-60 minutes for QS but that’s for my group of 6 with 2 small kids & 2 tweenish aged kids. If you guys are a smaller & more mobile group then 30-45 min should be sufficient. We usually use meal breaks as stops to refresh water bottles, cooling towels, have everyone use the restroom, change any dirty diapers and if we need to do sunscreen step to the side to do that. So all that plus eating easily takes 45 if not the full 60 min. I budget for it.