Budgeting In Tips for Dining Plan

I just spent the hour looking through menus and doing a mock up of what I will order and the cost. Doing the DxDP and 5 Signatures and 5 regular TS. I estimate at least $150 in tips. I wish I would have done this on my last trip. I knew upfront, but if I would have budgeted it would have taken away some of the sting.

The reason I love the dining plan is the aspect of everything being paid for upfront. Now that I have an idea what the tips will be, I’ll just grab a couple of extra gift cards from Sam’s. Being on a solo trip had me less distracted, as I never even considered doing this on trips with DH. Or maybe it’s because he’s the one who pulls the money out of his wallet for tips. Now that the money is coming out of my wallet …:laughing: :money_mouth_face:

That’s what I do. Since I need to get dollars for tipping mousekeeping (I’m in the U.K.), I work out my restaurant tips as well and pay those in cash.

I have stated this before and of coarse get a lot of flack for it especially by people who have been or are in the service industry. That being the case I will ask just one question of you. Tipping is most often stated as a percentage of the bill. This is put on the bill for a reason so as the employer saves money because of your tip. Now here’s the thing say you buy a smaller meal at this restaurant and you are served by a waiter/waitress. You pay them 20% of the bill which is the standard suggested tip. Now say you buy a more expensive meal and the same waiter/waitress serves you. You are expected to give the same percentage for the exact same service because your bill is higher. Does this make any since to you? I give a certain tip depending on the service I get. In the case of a buffet where I get my own meal I give the same tip only because I feel I should give something. I won’t say how much. Now if you tip everyone you will have quite the tipping bill. I am all for tipping anyone you see fit to tip, my only complaint here is the idea it must be a percentage. Give what you wish and if a percentage is fine by you then give it but some just can’t afford that type of money added on to a vacation that they had to scrimp to save up for. My thoughts on the matter but far from the only opinion as stated previously.

I am typically a 20% tipper, except at buffets I tip 15%. If the service isn’t up to par, I may adjust the %. If the food is awful, I won’t hold that against the server. The only time I give less than 20% is at buffets, or if the server is awful. I consider awful to be when server is rude, or snippy. Fortunately, that rarely happens. But I’m with you, that it should be based on what you want to give. But since it’s not, I go with what is customary at 15-20%.

Please don’t start arguing the toss again on how much you should tip. That’s not what this thread is about and it always turns ugly. @PrincipalTinker and I will be watching this thread.


Is t it funny how the time difference can work in our favor?

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The one thing I like about this calculator:


There is a tab after you put all your meals in that estimates your tips. I always bring extra but it gives me an idea of what I should expect.

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Understood, will not bring it up again.

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