Budget help for our 7 day trip

I need help! I am making out our budget for our trip in less than two months. Could someone look over my tentative budget for me and tell me what I have left out or if I have over/under budgeted for something? We are a family of four (DH, me, DS6, and DS2) staying at WL for 7 days and 6 nights.

-Gas down and back-$200
-Tips for meals on regular DDP-$200
-Out of Pocket meal for 2 at Le Cellier-$200
-Food there and back-$200
-Bell hops/luggage porters-$20
-Stroller rental-$100

I know I must have forgotten quite a few things or not accounted for enough. Any advice you can give would be great!

It looks good to me. We are a family of four and we only had $300 in charges for our 5-day trip with the dining plan. My kids had gift cards to spend in souvenirs and we also brought quite a bit of cash. I remember giving myself bills in a range of denomination to carry around every day. We used them for tips (sometimes) and small things that seemed silly to charge like bottles of water. In the end, though, it was easier to charge things to our Magic Bands. I don’t think we’ll mess with using cash as much next time. I’d would just bring cash for mousekeeping, tips for baggage handling and to keep on hand for any “give up and take a taxi” situations.

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Will you want to buy an “adult beverage”? Also, any chance you will want to add an appetizer to a meal?

I totally didn’t think about adult beverages and I will have access to Territory Lounge once the boys and my hubby get settled in the room. :smile: Thanks!