Budget food in all 3 Universal Parks

Since we are splurging on our stay at Premier hotel during Christmas break this year, would like some budget food recommendations at all 3 Universal Parks. Please also recommend good breakfast options.
Can we doordash/delivery food at resort?

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Yes! You can get food delivered to the lobby / entrance.

Breakfast is one of the hardest meals to get in the parks at Universal.

The best breakfasts in the entire resort are the buffets at the Premier hotels. They are $30 / person, but give the best quality and value!

For example - The breakfast at Leaky Cauldron is $20 for a single plate of powdered eggs, a scoop of potatoes and two pieces of bacon. (If you can’t tell I’m not a fan of WWOHP breakfast!!)

If you just want to grab and go you have Croissant Moon Bakery, Cinnabon, Green Eggs & Ham, VooDoo Doughnut (I think they’re overhyped, but you should try it once for the IG factor)

Budget eats at UOR -


Cowfish - Great burgers that don’t break the bank
Antojito’s - Good TexMex food
Red Oven Pizza - Each pizza feeds two people for $15
Bread Box Sandwiches - A hidden gem & my “go-to” place for quick service


Central Park Crepes - Massive and yummy!
London Taxi Hut - Baked potatoes with toppings for $11 … very filling!


Wimpy’s - Best quick service burger at Universal and inexpense
Three Broomsticks - Chicken platter is a great value. The others are good, but a couple dollars more
Green Eggs & Ham - Meat covered tots are great any time of day with large portion
Fire Eater’s Grill - Gyros & Falafel


They serve little pots of glazed sausages that make a nice breakfast :yum:

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I always do breakfast in the hotel room. I usually have some mix of oatmeal, yogurt, cold cereal and fruit. That usually keeps me going for a few hours then I start snacking on all the food I bring into the parks with me.


Typically, I’m still so full from the day / night before that I don’t want breakfast!! :rofl:

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We just heated up oatmeal in our rooms most days for breakfast. Saves a lot of time and money.

We like Louie’s in US for not terribly expensive Italian options.


Great tips on here. I second the Breadbox, Jacket potato at London, and Green Eggs/Ham tots recommendations. Crepes, too!!

Wimpy’s burgers are great!!

Breakfast in the room, snacking in the parks really help with stress relief. Lines get long during common meal hours, so it’s best to avoid those times.

Pugh Two on youtube have several good videos for budget snacks/meals FYI


We try to bring snacks bars nuts in our backpacks to resort. Walgreens down the road has water beer snacks fruits or can get Walmart / instacart delivery. For breakfast doordash perkins is great especially if doing a pool/lazy day. At 3broomsticks kids breakfast is cheap. Filling and comes with butterbeer!

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Many of these were already mentioned. But here is my list of good food at a lower than average price.


  • Louie’s Italian Res.- Jumbo slice of pizza (Costco quality)
  • London Taxi Hut - Jacket Potato, various types of loaded potatoes, very filling
  • Central Park Crepes - Great quality meat and good price
  • Hopping Pot in Diagon Alley - Beef Pasties
  • Krusty Burger stand in FFB - Heat Lamp Hot Dog, good quality plus curly fries or tots


  • Natural Selections in Jurassic - Beef Empanadas plus best churros in the park
  • Green Eggs & Ham - Selections of loaded tots, big portions, mid morning breakfast option
  • Croissant Moon Bakery - Breakfast Empanadas
  • Lemon Slush stand in Marvel - Pizza Stuffed Pretzel

One way to save money on meals at some QS restaurants is order the kids size combo. Sometimes it’s not listed on the menu.

Water bottles, drinks, and snacks are allowed in the park. Lots of places to get free water.

The food at Volcano Bay costs a little more than some things in the dry parks. But the pizza at Whakawaiwai Eats is really good and it’s pretty big.


I think all the food is good at VB! I have one more VB trip before my AP expires. I keep wanting to try the pizza! Maybe next time… :wink:


One of the cheapest places not already named is the Today Cafe in USF. They have a great breakfast line-up and cheaper pastry-type items all day. I really enjoyed their salads because they were quite large.

It does get busy so it’s a good idea to use the UOR mobile app to order and pickup. You’ll spend less time waiting.

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Like others have said, breakfast in the room is usually your best option… the lack of a full quick serve place is the one thing I really don’t like about the premier hotels. Even if I wanted to spend the money, I don’t want to spend the time for a full ts or buffet meal every morning.

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