Bucket list monorail hotel for my 50th?

So I’m celebrating my 50th bday in Jan 2025 at WDW, and it has long been a bucket list item for me to stay at a monorail resort. I’d love to make this happen, but we are very much on a budget. I know people seem to save $$$ renting DVC points from different companies, but every time I price them, yes, substantial savings off rack, but still not so much so that it’s affordable for us.

Am I missing a trick?


How fun to celebrate your 50th in the World! Have you thought about renting DVC points to stay at Copper Creek or Boulder Ridge? While not on the monorail you can take a boat to the Magic Kingdom and I believe you can take a boat to the Contemporary. I feel like Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek may be a little cheaper when compared to Bay Lake Tower and the Poly.




greatest Disney vacation rental tool ever, if you have flexible travel dates. It looks like there are a few discounted trips in January 2025 for Grand Floridian.

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You can also rent points directly through a member. I joined a Facebook group for that and have successfully rented that way a few times. It is typically cheaper than the companies, but it comes with different risks, of course.

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No trick. They are expensive unfortunately but 100% rent from DVC as it’s half the price of rack rate. Also avoid BLT as it will be in the middle of their first big renovation and construction will be happening (although it should be somewhat muted). Poly new tower will be open but that’s prob going to be very pricy.


We are going in October for my 50th and for a friend’s who is turning 50 in April.

We are going to stay at Caribbean Beach because of the skyliner.

Even with 3 of us we just can’t swing the cost of a monorail resort. Plus we’re only spending 1 day at MK. No matter where we stay we have to bus to Animal Kingdom.

I think one day I will make enough money that I’ll be able to stay at the Poly but I’m ok with not doing that for now.

I do like the idea above of renting DVC for Bolder Ridge or Copper Creek. I just love the theming of those. And you have boat to MK and boat to MK then monorail for EPCOT.
Maybe I am changing my mind…
I feel like 50 is a big deal.


It is!!
If MK is your fave/go to park - definitely consider Boulder and CC. That entire property is a vibe.
I am team MK all day.


50 is a big deal! I got myself an annual pass for my 50th, which is in August. I will get to use the pass for the first time in Sept and am staying at Bay Lake Tower. I stayed at the contemporary on my first first Disney trip in 1983, so it seems fitting. I rented DVC points thru David’s for this trip. I highly recommend them. you could also set up an alert for confirmed reservations for your dates, which are often done at a discount.

Hope you have an amazing trip!


I’ve thought about this but so nervous about the risks… :confused:

I get that. One group I belong to has very militant admins, and in general I feel is pretty safe. If your concerns are about a scammer, there are various ways to try to combat that. For example, I wouldn’t pay until I see the reservation in my MDE account. But if you’re worried about paying the full balance now and then your plans change, that can be harder. Many individual members also use contracts, and they may allow you to back out–it depends.

I’m not sure what type of room you are looking for, or how many days, but I will say it’s fairly easy to find someone to rent at $18/pp. In Jan, the most basic GFV studios go for 17/20 pts/night. so you are talking low to mid $300s/night. Keep in mind those studios sleep up to 5, and the price is your total–no extra taxes or fees. If that is out of range for your budget, you may want to adjust your dream a bit. There are so many great places to stay in the area, and I’m sure you can find somewhere great.

I’m all for a big 50th birthday! Personally, I celebrated mine last year on DCL. :slight_smile:

Love $17 per point! Maybe its time for me to join Facebook and get out from under my rock.